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eternity has two choices


PIERS MORGAN: [3:00]Liberals have become unbearable. And I say that as a liberal. … Populism is rising, because everyone is fed up.”

2019_08 25 Trump tweet 1
2019_08 25 Trump tweet 2

THE DISGUSTING AND VERY FAKE NEWS: According to Trump, the “nuke hurricanes” story was FAKE NEWS.

But Piers Morgan makes a very valid point in the video above – i.e., that today’s liberals have no sense of humor. Even if Trump did make a joke about nuking hurricanes, the Left would report it as if he had been totally serious … then go “He’s insane! We’re all gonna die!”

And speaking of “he’s insane,” that appears to be the Left’s latest attempt to take Trump down. Russia! Russia! Russia! didn’t work and we’re all getting sick and tired of the fake RAAACISM thing. So now they’re all harping that he’s just plain cuckoopants.

2019_08 25 Gutfeld tweet

DOJ: Immigration courts are seriously backlogged [2:19]The Department of Justice has implemented a new rule that will hopefully help clear up old cases.


JUSTICE: Dismantling some more of Obama’s legacy – U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood handed a victory to nine states (and to the rest of the nation) by declaring that the Obama administration’s far-reaching Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule is unlawful.

DISGUSTING: Profanity alert … I listened to only 23 seconds. Why can’t Leftists say anything without using the same old swear words over and over and over? [6:00] Hasan Piker is a contributor to the progressive show, The Young Turks. He’s also the nephew of the show’s founder Cenk Uygur.

He went on a vulgar rant Tuesday night, saying America “deserved 9/11,” and praising the “brave f-cking soldier” who injured former Navy SEAL, now Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Crenshaw, who deployed five times to Iraq and Afghanistan, lost his right eye to an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion in 2012.

climate graphs

CLIMATE-GATE CONTINUES: Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann has sued two of his most prominent critics – Tim Ball and Mark Steyn – for defamation or libel. The case against Steyn is likely headed to SCOTUS.

But the case against Ball was decided recently when the Supreme Court of British Columbia threw it out and ordered Mann to pay Ball’s legal costs.

The Ball graph is accurate. I was an Art History major; the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age are both attested to in paintings of these periods.

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