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ONE HEARTBEAT: That’s how much time you have between you and eternity [12:59] – God is waiting for you. Don’t put Him off.



ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION: The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has uncovered evidence of a well-orchestrated Islamic propaganda campaign aimed at teachers in school systems throughout Michigan and several other states.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Law Center, commented on the results of their investigation, “We found that the teachers were subjected to two days of Islamic propaganda, where Islam was glorified, Christianity disparaged, and America bashed.”


NEWSPEAK: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is busy rewriting “language guidelines” for what to call certain people. A “convicted felon” is now a “formerly incarcerated person” or a “justice-involved” person. A “repeat offender” is now a “returning resident.” A “parolee” is now a “person under supervision.” A “juvenile delinquent” is now a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.” And a “drug addict” is now “a person with a history of substance use.”

SCOTUS: Ginsburg has cancer again – Justice Ginsburg is an impressively tough person. We wish her the best and hope for her recovery.

PP lion

ABORTION: Alyssa Milano is reported bragging that, without her two abortions, her life “would be completely lacking all its joys.” – I find that really sad and pray she repents before it’s too late.

We called one of my pregnancies the “Year From Hell.” The baby and I both had very serious, potentially lethal health problems.

A few months after she was born, I remember someone asking me, “Was it worth it?”

I remember telling her, “Let me have her for as long as it took to get her before you ask me about my feelings.”

Funny thing is … I don’t even remember when I stopped feeling so “raggedy end of an old shoe lace” and switched to saying “Year From Hell” with a laugh instead of a whimper.

She’s 34 now. In worldly terms, she’s a huge success … she’s beautiful (not just my opinion!), a former Marine, a war veteran, a wife, the mother of two with three college degrees.

But her worldly success isn’t all that important. What truly matters is that all she is and all she has accomplished are ETERNAL.

No “Year From Hell” (or “joys of my life”) can possibly balance that scale.

CHERNOBYL DOGS: [5:23] – After a reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant melted down in 1986, the area was evacuated and abandoned. The humans were forbidden to take any of their belongings or pets with them. Amazingly, the dog population has grown and only a handful test positive for radiation. And the ones that do … it washes off!

YOGA: Don’t you just hate it when you’re struggling to master a new skill … and somebody comes along and shows you how “easy” it is?!


LOL: I can totally relate. I got my entire kitchen clean once. I took a photo, printed it at 8×10, put it in a frame, and hung it over the sink so I could admire it again and again.


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  1. My grandcat Oscar can do that yoga move!

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  2. Left lane law: Oklahoma recently instituted a left lane law. It’s always been the wise “rule,” but now it’s officially punishable to travel too long in the left lane.

    There have always been some people who would drive up on my back bumper before getting in the left lane, and — worse — swerve back in front of me with barely a one-car length of space. But now, this has become common, presumably from people in fear of the law.

    Used to be driver’s ed was required; now it’s not even taught. It shows.