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light has no shadow

ANTIFA THUGS: This is really disturbing [1:47] – These animals stalked a CHILD.

I gotta say though that while their behavior is absolutely appalling, the dad who brought that child to the rally showed some seriously poor judgment. I’m guessing his better half tore him a new one. I hope the kid doesn’t have nightmares about this!

ANTIFA THUGGERY: Part two [16:47] – the attempted knifing of a Marine veteran was foiled. Thank God!


BORDER: Trump administration ending family separation – Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan announced this morning that the Trump administration is changing the Flores settlement, a decades old rule that forced the government to release children who had crossed the border illegally with their parents after 20 days in custody.

Opioid EO

OPIOID EPIDEMIC: The number of Americans misusing opioids has fallen by more than 1 million –  Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, Dr. Elinore F. McCance-Katz, called this a “significant decrease.”

Parish climate accord - all talk no action

ENVIRONMENT: Former EPA official Mandy Gunasekara – “Activists and Democratic politicians like to portray President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the ineffectual and counterproductive Paris Agreement as an example of his ‘inaction’ on the environment

In reality, the quality of our air and water has only improved since he took office. Carbon emissions fell 2.7% in President Trump’s first year. While emissions rose in 2018 due to robust economic growth, carbon dioxide is projected to decrease in 2019 and 2020.

religious liberty

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The proposed rules would allow religious organizations to partner with the federal government without having to compromise their religious beliefs.

trump praying

TRUMP: Trump has fulfilled about 90% of the “wish list” goals that evangelical Christians and their leaders drew up.

2d A mass shooting by Branco

2d AMENDMENT: President Trump is expected to release several gun control proposals next month that will focus on mental health treatment, violent video games, and closing “loopholes” in the background check system.

We have background checks, but there are loopholes in the background checks. That’s what I spoke to the NRA about yesterday,” he said. “They want to get rid of the loopholes as well as I do. At the same time, I don’t want to take away people’s Second Amendment rights.

CLIMATE: “Pure symbolism” [1:07] – Officials would like you to turn your thermostat to 82F in the evening.

HONG KONG: They’re not just singing the U.S. anthem [2:06] – They’re singing hymns!


MEDIA: A good example of the hypocrisy of the Slime Stream Media that tries to depict conservatives as racist, while ignoring the racists in their midst.

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  1. “Light has no shadow.”

    Light is real. Heat is real. Shadow, and cold, even down to absolute darkness and zero degrees Kelvin, are not real, except in that they measure the absence of photons or molecular motion.

    Darkness seems real enough in experience, as anyone stubbing his toes in the dim can attest. We certainly feel the chill. But what we suffer from is the lack of light and warmth, not some separate goop called darkness or some other thing called coldness.

    Evil seems real in experience, just like shivering in the cold and groping in the dark, but good is the power; anything else only measures the relative or absolute absence thereof.

    This all seems plain as day (and night) to my thinking, but I have argued for this and had it rebuffed with that solid counter-argument, “no, it isn’t,” not even agreeing about the light-dark definition. Never knew whether I just wasn’t able to get across what I mean or the other fellow really rejected the idea because of the theological implications.

    Liked the “no shadow” poster, if you couldn’t tell.

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    • YES! – spiritually and temporally, this is a perfectly logical explanation – absence of God – evil has no power – absence of photons… Well, I’m going to have to print out both the “no shadow” poster and this explanation.

      Regarding the Hongkongers, they have The Light.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      The only “power” evil has is what God permits it for His glory and our ultimate happiness.

      I just woke up from a long dream about a kind of reality show where people were competing to make the biggest difference in a ghetto neighborhood. The others were all busily spending money and organizing programs. I just kept saying the same binding prayer over and over.

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