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FAMILY REUNION: The kids worked up an appetite climbing on our village’s community-built playground. Baby Marine had a cake, of course, but so did Nonno, even though his Big Oh birthday isn’t until October. Afterwards, we went home for a few hours of winding down before bed with Grammy and Nonno’s excellent collection of toys.


BORDER: Thanks to President Trump, the situation has improved tremendously since May – Acting DHS secretary Kevin McAleenan said Wednesday that border crossings have declined 43% and the number of immigrants being held at border stations is down 80%.

STRZOK STRUCK AGAIN: [3:03] – New evidence has emerged showing Hillary Clinton’s private email server was monitored by the Chinese while she was Secretary of State.

This evidence also shows that the FBI was told about it, but the agent who heard the report – Peter Strzok – didn’t care!

MEDIA voters snooze

MEDIA BIAS: Leaked audio of New York Slime’s Editor-in-Chief – The tape includes Dean Baquet congratulating his staff for winning two Pulitzer Prizes for pushing the fake Russia collusion story and says it’s time for the newsroom to focus on Trump’s “racism.”

We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. … [Now] I think that we’ve got to change [and] write more deeply about the country, race, and other divisions.”

RICHARD GERE: Liberals love to tell other people what to do [:59] – Multi-millionaire actor Richard Gere boarded a boat filled with African migrants recently and told Europe to allow the migrants to enter so they can be “taken care of.”

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who has refused to allow the vessel to enter Italian waters, suggested Gere fly the migrants on his own private jet to one of his own private villas. You know, if he’s so concerned.

Mr. ROGERS: This is wonderful [2:46] – My favorite episode (#1560, February 7, 1986) was when Mr. Rogers visited a community-built playground. Not only was the site my elementary school, but a good friend of ours had been the project manager for the building.

Plus, oh wow! When I googled to refresh my memory about when that episode aired, I discovered it’s on DVD. I’m going to get it. It’ll be so fun to share it with the grands!

THE FACE OF OUR LORD: [:59] – This video is an overlay comparison of two images. The first is the 2017 “Jesus” painting by Akiane Kramarik. The second is the image of the face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin.

CAT if earth was flat

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