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Happy Grammy

HAPPY GRAMMY: Last Friday, we had the absolutely most fantabulous best time celebrating Baby Marine’s first birthday!

All three of the daughters, Marine SIL, and all eight of the grands joined us at a local park to celebrate this important milestone of our youngest grand, who was born a year ago at only 28 weeks.

It was such a joy for me to finally get to meet him! He’s so plump and happy and healthy, you’d never peg him for a preemie.

Besides the Hyphens, one of my brothers and his wife came, along with my baby brother’s widow and one of her brood, so we got to do some catching up with my side of the extended family.

I’ve only gone through a fraction of the photos and will be posting what I am allowed by the daughters. This one is okay, cuz it doesn’t show any faces.

But it shows home-bound-by-allergies ME doing what is an extraordinary thing for me … BEING OUTSIDE PLAYING WITH MY GRANDKIDS!

I had my meds in my pocket and we were only 2 miles from home. But thanks be to God, I was still up and chugging along right up until we were packing the cars to go. Then I crashed.

SUCH a happy Happy HAPPY reason to be exhausted!!

PROJECT VERITAS: Google Whistle-blower goes public [19:34]They’re not an objective source of information. They’re a highly biased political machine bent on never letting somebody like Trump come to power again.” – Zachary Vorhies, former Senior Software Engineer for Google

He’s not a smooth talker, but he’s obviously very intelligent and what he has to say is worth hearing. At around 15 minutes, he starts talking about what motivated him to risk his quarter million dollar per year job to become a whistle-blower.

Click to view and/or download the documents Vorhies turned over to Project Veritas.


SCOTUS: Several high-profile Senate Democrats warned the Supreme Court in pointed terms this week that it could face a fundamental restructuring if justices do not take steps to “heal” the court in the near future.

Funny thing how they liked the politicization of the Supreme Court just fine when it was ruling the way they wanted it to, but now that more and more judges are constitutionalists, rather than activists, they’re calling it too political.

‘TERPS: [3:04] – ‘No One Left Behind’ helps interpreters settle in the U.S. after serving with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

AMERICAN FLAG: Joey Jones makes a good point about spoiled brats and sacrifice [4:13] – After winning the gold medal, a member of the U.S. fencing team knelt down for our national anthem.

Meanwhile, men in Hong Kong – who were risking life and limb to protest for freedoms we take for granted – sang our national anthem while waving our flag.


EPSTEIN: [8:47] – Rudy Giuliani explains in clear terms why Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide was absurd. This is worth watching.

Attorney General William Barr has ordered that the warden of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center be reassigned. Two staff members assigned to Jeffrey Epstein’s unit have also been placed on administrative leave.

JUDICIAL WATCH: Launching independent investigation [4:00] – Government watchdog group Judicial Watch is seeking some answers as it launches its own investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

The group’s president — Tom Fitton — says the circumstances of Epstein’s death looks like another scandal for the Department of Justice.

HEALTH CARE: Steven Crowder made the video above in the summer of 2009 [20:32] – Leftists often point to Canada as a model for how health care should be organized. Canadians themselves often leave their country (frequently coming to the United States) to receive health care treatment.

BUT, in 2016, an estimated 63,459 Canadians sought medical treatment outside of Canada.

Health care is a product of the labor of physicians, nurses, technicians, and a whole ecosystem of health care workers. If making the government the primary payer for these services is so smart, why does the universal system next door shed patients by the tens of thousands to ours?” – Kevin Pham

TECHNOLOGY: Whooshh Innovations moves live fish safely over dams to their spawning grounds [3:48] – It also offers conservationists the opportunity to remove invasive species.


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