Working man and Dems

Joseph Curl writes at Gateway Pundit that the Democrats’ emphasis on painting President Trump and everyone who supports him as racist is a losing strategy.

Democrats hoped to thunder to Election Day with a ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ war chant, but former special counsel Robert Mueller wee-weed all over that plan when he declared that neither Trump nor his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to alter the outcome of the 2016 election.

Now they’re putting all their little white eggs in the big racist basket, trying to paint President Trump as a hood-wearing, torch-carrying grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

  • BIDEN: “I believe everything the president says and has done encourages white supremacists, and I’m not sure there’s much of a distinction. As a matter of fact, it may be even worse.”
  • BERNIE: “We have a president who actively demonizes racial and religious minorities, who coddles Nazis and Klansmen, and who wields white supremacy as a political weapon.
  • FAUXCAHONTAS: Trump backs white supremacy with a “wink and a nod. … He has talked about white supremacists as fine people. He’s done everything he can to stir up racial conflict and hatred in this country.”
  • BETO: Yes I do [think Trump is a white nationalist]. … The things that he has said both as a candidate and then as the President of the United States, this cannot be open for debate.”
  • AOC: The apparent leader of the Democratic Party went on a Twitter tear last week, saying we’ve all got to be talking non-stop about white supremacy.

So, the Democrats have shifted seamlessly from hyping alleged Russian collusion to … seeking to label the entire Republican Party as white supremacists. It’s the opposite of a strong strategy.

Republican strategist John Feehery told The Washington Times last week that Democrats “have gone way overboard … attacking everybody who voted for [Trump].”

Trump, for his part, has repeatedly declared that he abhors racism and said last week that he is “concerned about the rise of any group of hate.”

Whether it’s white supremacy, whether it’s any other kind of supremacy. Whether it’s antifa. Whether it’s any group of hate, I am very concerned about it. And I’ll do something about it.

And he tweeted: “The Dems new weapon is actually their old weapon, one which they never cease to use when they are down, or run out of facts, RACISM! They are truly disgusting! They even used it on Nancy Pelosi.

With a dozen pressing issues facing the country, Democrats have decided that supposed white nationalism is the new Russia. According to a 2018 Gallup poll of top issues for voters, “white supremacy” didn’t appear at all.

Health care, the economy and immigration top the list of concerns for voters, while the other two top issues being pushed by Democrats — climate change and Russian collusion — came in 11th and 12th.

But that won’t stop the Democrats. Once again, the aim is to divide Americans, but also to tar all Republicans — who Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton famously called “deplorables.”

How’d that work out for you?

ANOTHER LOSING STRATEGY: Democrats support open borders [4:04] – A group of open borders activists threatened employees of an ICE subcontractor.

One protester specifically threatened family members, shouting out the locations and addresses of where one man’s children live in the United States.

school loans

DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: They’re proposing using tax dollars to bail out people who borrowed too much and either can’t or aren’t even making the effort to try and pay it back.

To which I say, “Hell NO.” We paid off our school loans and so did our kids. One of my daughters got an Associates Degree from an affordable community college, then served in the Marines (including a tour in Iraq), then got Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with the GI bill.

She also suffered a war injury that will affect her for the rest of her life. So do NOT tell me you “need” taxpayers to give you a free education. NOBODY held a gun to your head to go so far into debt and for damn sure NOBODY owes you anything now.

Christians vote

VOTING: It’s a sacred trust People DIED to ensure we have the right to vote. IMO, it is like spitting on their graves to not take each and every election day very seriously.

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