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FOUR MORE YEARS: Democrats are embracing immensely unpopular policy positions on health care and immigration. It’s a full-blown clown show. Democrats want open borders. Sorry, when you push decriminalizing border crossings and giving health care to illegal aliens, that’s open borders and something that a supermajority of Americans oppose.

“They also oppose Medicare for All if it replaces private insurance, which it will. There’s no getting around that either. Hundreds of millions of plans will be gutted. The debate on the Left is whether to do it now or later. Oh, and this will lead to the mother of all tax increases for the middle class. These two points are the core of the 2020 Democratic agenda.” – Matt Vespa

biden tweet

BIDEN: Biden told reporters in Iowa on Saturday that “those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.”

It’s likely he meant Newtown (2013), not Parkland (2018).

BERNIE: If he gets elected and finds out anything about aliens, he’ll tell us all [2:39] – Oh gosh, yeah. That has totally made me change my mind about who I’m voting for! BWAHAHAHA!

WILLIAMSON: She proposes something that is ripe with Democrat corruption – Rather than give some set amount of money to any African-American who can prove s/he descended from one or more slaves, she wants to give a panel of 25-50 African-Americas hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money and then let them decide how best to spend it.

Cuz I’m so sure they’ll never, EVER decide to use it the way the Black Democrats running Baltimore have with the billions they’ve been given them. ::smh::

2020 bad puns

De BLASIO: RCP has him polling at 0.3% – Mayor Bill de Blasio pitched his presidential dreams to a “crowd” of about 15 likely Democratic voters at an event Sunday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

If it was a conservative Republican candidate, I’d suggest they were in church. But this was De Blasio … in a bar.

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