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TISSUE ALERT: It’s very dusty in here right now, so I’m not even going to try to summarize this. Just click above and below to listen and read.

SPYGATE: Judge J says the truth is going to come out – Let us pray!


SPYGATE: Documents obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that Christopher Steele, author of the dirty dossier, directly contacted McCain’s office before October 2016, i.e. before the first FISA warrant on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was issued.

According to a previous court deposition given by David Kramer, a former State Department official and associate of McCain, the late Senator was not briefed on the dossier until November of 2016.

MEDIA BIAS: Important stories the mainstream media didn’t cover [4:04].


2D AMENDMENT: Gun control Leftists mock the idea that “good guys with guns” save lives. So I’m guessing this story won’t make it into their headlines.

On Friday, a young man wearing body armor and carrying a firearm and ammunition entered a Walmart store in Springfield, Missouri, and made “terroristic threats.” The store manager pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the store. Then, a former firefighter and concealed carrier confronted the man and held him at gunpoint until Springfield police arrived.


ABORTION: Another state declares legal protection for human life begins when heartbeat is detected – Kentucky’s Gov. Matt Bevin signed a new law banning abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable.

Bevin, who has a strong pro-life record, said the abortion issue is not about religion. It’s “about science, medicine, morality.”


ABORTION: Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke warned pro-abortion Catholic politicians Thursday not to show up for Holy Communion, because they are not following Christ.

In an interview with Fox News, Burke said he is not trying to punish pro-abortion politicians; he is trying to help them by urging them to repent.

Burke said these so-called Catholic politicians have made Americans confused about the Catholic Church’s values.

I’ve had non-Catholic leaders of government in this nation tell me that they were certain that the Catholic teaching on abortion, and the so-called same-sex marriages, and so forth, had changed, because so many Catholics on Capitol Hill are regularly supporting this kind of legislation. And that’s a scandal,” he said.

carbon offset bs

CLIMATE: From Babylon Bee – Climate experts have solemnly warned that we only have twelve years left until they change the dates on global warming again.

If we don’t take action, then in 12 years we will have to explain why the world hasn’t ended and come up with a new number,” one UN scientist warned. “This is a very serious threat, and we urge everyone to hand control of the economy to the government immediately before we have no more time left to change the timeline again.

The scientific consensus is that roughly 10-12 years from now, the world will be flooded with new doomsday predictions. This can all be avoided if we overhaul the economy and become socialists, according to non-political, unbiased sciencey type guys.

Should we not change our ways, our old predictions will melt, dangerously raising the chance of us having to move the goalposts again,” said Al Gore. “Do you really want me to write another book, film another movie, and go on another tour in my private jet just because you dingbats couldn’t be bothered to alter your lifestyles? I don’t think so. Let’s all get on board with this 12-year figure, or we’ll have to push back the date again.

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