INCITING VIOLENCE: Just two days after two violent mass shootings, Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro published the names and professions of every major Trump donor in San Antonio, where he used to serve as mayor.

He then added that these people “are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’

Some of these people have been harassed or threatened (audio below) as a result of Castro’s incitement.

Joaquin’s twin brother, Julian (one of the two dozen Democrats running for the party’s presidential nomination) says what his brother did was okay, because the names of donors is public information.

Hmm … is this also okay? MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal said on the air that he wanted “pitchforks and torches” outside the house of a billionaire Trump supporter.

“Peaceful protests” … that’s how the Left Stream Media labeled a loud demonstration outside the home of Mitch McConnell, who was recuperating from a broken shoulder.

Then they clutched their pearls because McConnell and his people objected to the noise and nastiness. ::smh::

RNC DONATIONS: The effort to intimidate Trump donors appears to have backfired – Two days after Castro published a list of Trump donors, the Trump campaign took in $12 Million in donations … $2 Million more than anticipated.

And while some of the names on the list have been bothered by haters, at least oneBill Miller’s Barbeque – benefited. Cars were lined up around the block.

IMMIGRATION: Open borders and free health care for illegals are losing positions [2:49].

BIDEN: Biden also snapped at Breitbart News reporter Joel Pollak after he confronted Biden on misquoting Trump on Charlottesville.

DE BLASIO: Late term abortion is “a sacred choice” [2:36] – “Do you think a woman in the ninth month, putting aside health, putting aside life of the mother, do you support any restrictions until the baby is born? That’s a simple question,” asked Sean Hannity.

I believe it’s a smokescreen, because it doesn’t happen in America. Women make this choice, it’s a sacred choice,” de Blasio said. It’s a sacred choice for women.”


KAMALA: Quinnipiac released a new poll this week showing she is trailing in every one of her identity groups

  1. Black Democrats: Biden 47%, Sanders , Warren 8%, Harris 1%.
  2. Women Democrats: Biden 31%, Warren 24%, Sanders 10%, Harris 7%.
  3. Very liberal Democrats: Warren 40%, Sanders 20%, Biden 19%, Harris 7%.

ILHAN OMAR: Glenn takes a look at Representative Ilhan Omar’s connection to terrorist organizations [11:33] –

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational organization.
  2. It’s self-stated aim is to destroy Israel via jihad.
  3. It seeks to establish a global state ruled by Sharia law.
  4. Its motto is “Islam is the solution.”
  5. Its logo shows crossed scimitars and the word “Prepare.”
  6. The Muslim Brotherhood created Hamas in Palestine to help destroy Israel.
  7. The U.S. has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.
  8. The Muslim Brotherhood also created Hamas support groups all over the world.
  9. These support groups funnel cash to Hamas.
  10. They also work to sway national policies their way.
  11. In the United States, one Hamas support group is known as CAIR.
  12. CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) is a Muslim advocacy group.
  13. CAIR is based in Washington. D.C.
  14. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar attended a college with CAIR ties.
  15. She used to work for CAIR.
  16. She has been fund raising for CAIR for years.

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