Woke Polar Bear Apologizes for Being White

From The Babylon Bee.

SAN DIEGO, CA—A polar bear at the San Diego Zoo has apologized to black bears, brown bears, and all other mammals of color for his “problematic whiteness.”

The bear “got woke” after a leftist protesting the zoo for keeping animals in captivity bravely leaped into the bear’s exhibit. After eating the protester, the polar bear picked up the book on critical race theory the woman had in her pocket and devoured it, first figuratively, then literally.

“Wow,” he said. “I never realized how problematic my existence was before. I really need to think about this.”

Shortly after reading the book, the polar bear, whose name is Chad, held a press conference in which he apologized for his many years of not being “woke” to the struggle of non-white animals.

“I am so sorry for everyone I’ve hurt,” he said. “I am hereby canceling myself. Please listen to black and brown bear voices.” He also announced that he was donating his remaining walruses to minority bears in need. “The overwhelming whiteness of the polar bear community should give us all paws.”

The bear escaped the zoo, devoured several people, and cast himself into exile on an ice floe for his crimes.

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