Shroud of Turin

The first historical reference to the Shroud of Turin is ca. 1350s. And the (now-debunked) 1988 radiocarbon dating results alleged to prove that it was a forgery created in that time period.

However, there are numerous reports of Jesus’ burial shroud being venerated in various locations before the 14th century.

As an Art History major, I personally found two points of evidence to be compelling evidence that the Shroud of Turin is not a 14th c. forgery.

First, nobody can explain how the image was created, never mind how it could have been created by a 14th c. art forger.

Second, the images below appear to me to be compelling evidence that the cloth was familiar to 11th c. Byzantine artists.

Jesus' forehead curl


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  1. Thanks ‘specially for the link to Guscin’s article on the face cloth. Fills in a big hole in my Shroud knowledge.

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