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TUCKER CARLSON: Make time for this one [1:20].

Death camps for Trump supporters

DEATH CAMPS FOR TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Left-wing tolerance – “Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!!” posters first appeared in Patchogue, Long Island, which is part of Rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R-NY 1) district. Now Zeldin says several of her staff members have found these posters on their cars and at their homes.

OHIO SHOOTER: [3:34] – FBI says violent, left-wing ideologies and intolerance appear to have fueled his rage. He also had an unhealthy fascination with mass shootings and had expressed a desire to commit one.

Also, data from Mass Shooting Tracker, a source widely used by the media, reveals that 51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino, contradicting the media narrative that white people are over-represented in mass shootings.

GUNS venezuela

GUN CONTROL: When the public is disarmed, ordinary criminals have greater impunity to rob and murder the innocent. So do criminal governments.

Times caves

SJWs and the MEDIA: For the last three years, [the left has] said that attacks on the press are attacks on democracy itself. Yet, many wasted no time this week torching the New York Times for a headline they did not like. They pressured the newspaper into changing its coverage to better suit the Democratic perspective.” – Becket Adams


SJWs PROTEST “PEACEFULLY” at MITCH MCCONNELL’S HOME: Such eloquence! Such compelling logic! [:40] – Aren’t you like totally convinced that you need to like do a 180 on your entire world view?

THANK YOU, COMRADE: “Democratic Socialists of America Gather to Trigger and Shut Each Other Up” [11:53] – This reminds me of the Vietnam Peace Accords. Remember how looooong they spent arguing about the location, attendees, how many tables there should be, what shape the table(s) should be and where they would be placed before they could sit down to talk?

Except the weeks and weeks of delays in the Peace Accords occurred while people were killing and being killed in Vietnam. At least these Democratic Socialists of America idjits were just wasting their own time.

Post abortion trauma

POST-ABORTION TRAUMA: The abortion industry doesn’t want to admit it, but many, many women suffer horribly for years after their abortions. Photographer Angela Forker is documenting some of their stories in a series of powerful images.


PROTECTING KIDS: Elizabeth Johnston, aka, the Activist Mommy, has 70 million followers and she is using that clout to help protect children – She heard recently that a venue in Ohio was planning to host an all-ages Drag 101 event at which a 9-year-old drag queen would be performing.

I called management this morning and warned them that we would start a national campaign giving them bad press if they did not cancel the event,” she says.

Within a few hours, they called her back, and told her the event had been canceled!

Johnston’s book, Not On My Watch: How to Win the Fight for Family, Faith, and Freedom, is meant to equip Christian moms, dads, grandparents and Millennials to tackle the current cultural issues of natural marriage, free speech, the sexualization of children, abortion, and gender erasure.

I googled “Activist Mommy” and saw a link to a site called Media Bias Fact Check that said she “presents information with an extreme right Christian bias in both story selection and wording. A sample headline reads: Radical Female Lutheran Pastor Plans on Melting Down Purity Rings to Make Vagina Statue.”

Promoting traditional Christian values, protecting kids, defending marriage is “extreme right”?

It was the NORM until very, very recently!

God help this country.

PROJECT VERITAS vs. THE NEW YORK TIMES: PV outed the Times for left-wing political bias [3:39] – The Times’ executive editor at what used to be a great newspaper called one of the great journalists of our time “despicable.” Got it.

PETS: They’re good for your health! [4:51] – This is worth watching. 🙂

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  1. Tucker Carlson coincidence: I was in the office today and ran into a friend who quipped in low tones, “Those Democrats are crazy.” My immediate response, being louder, was, “They need to calm down.” That kind of caught peoples’ attention. Wonder why.

    So hearing Tucker say it, yes indeed, calm down post haste.

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