TUCKER CARLSON: A Democrat politicians doxxed Trump supporters in his district [1:08]WE are NOT the ones promoting hatred and violence in this country!

Beto is a jerk

BETO IS A HATEFUL JERK: When Beto talked with Jake Tapper about President Trump, he said, “He is an open, avowed racist and encouraging more racism in this country and it’s incredibly dangerous for the United States of America right now.”

Uhh, no. Avowed means “openly declared or publicly acknowledged.”

Trump has said, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

Republican of color by Terrell

AMERICA IS LESS RACIST UNDER TRUMP: Two University of Pennsylvania sociologists recently published the results of a long study into racist attitudes in America. They found that, between 2012 and 2016 when Obama was in his second term, anti-black prejudice declined by a statistically-insignificant degree.

But after Trump was elected, it took a sharp and statistically significant dive down. Moreover, this decline in anti-black prejudice was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats.

trash pickup

THANK YOU, MR. TRUMP – While Democrat politicians and Left Stream Media haters were busy, busy, busy blaming the week-end shooters on President Trump and everybody who ever approved of anything he ever said or did, dozens of Trump supporters gathered in Baltimore for a trash clean-up day.

BIDEN obama

BIDEN: At a fundraiser, Slow Joe said, “You know what, the president’s words have meaning, no matter who he or she is. They are the face of America.”

He also referred to the “Houston” shooting (that happened in El Paso) and the “Michigan” shooting (that happened in Ohio).

FREE COLLEGE: It’s a good sound byte – But it’s neither affordable nor wise.

Obama v Trump first term approvals

OBAMA vs. TRUMP: From John Hinderaker – “As the 2012 campaign got under way, Obama’s approval rating inched upward. By the time of the election, it was significantly positive. Then, once the election was over, it subsided again and remained under water for most of Obama’s second term. …

I think the most likely explanation is that in the middle of a presidential term, when pollsters ask voters whether they approve or disapprove of a president, respondents are comparing the president to a theoretical alternative. If it is easy to imagine how a president might be better, or more in accord with a voter’s own views, the respondent is likely to tell the pollster that he disapproves.

This changes once the president is running against a specific opponent. Now, a voter who is asked whether he approves or disapproves of a president is more likely to say he approves if he likes the incumbent better than the nominee of the other party. Also, during an election campaign voters more often see the president speaking for himself, as opposed to seeing news stories that are likely to be framed negatively. This probably helps, too–and it undoubtedly helps Republicans more than Democrats, since substantially all news stories about Republicans are written by Democrats.

If this analysis is correct, it bodes well for President Trump in 2020. Once the Democrats nominate an opponent, whether the dim-witted and geriatric Joe Biden or the socialist Elizabeth Warren, or perhaps a lesser figure, voters’ choices will be sharpened. I think quite a few more Americans who may not like Donald Trump’s style will be willing to say they approve of him if the alternative is Biden, Warren, Harris, etc. And Trump is a highly effective campaigner. Those who see him campaigning, if only in the news, will think more highly of him, on average, than when they only see news stories written by Democrats.

So if the strongly parallel history of Barack Obama’s first term is a guide, Trump should be re-elected in 2020.”

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