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July 31, 2019 [1:02:51] – This episode about the Democrat debates, candidates, and issues is worth listening to, if you can find the time.

capitalism v socialism bread

GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE: Substitute “health care” for “bread” in the graphic – We all need to memorize Bongino’s “not a distinction without a difference” talking points, so we can repeat them to the ignorant.


BALTIMORE: Trump is right – The crime rate in Baltimore is astronomical. Baltimore has nearly three times as many murders per capita as Chicago.

Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador – all countries people are trying to flee by the millions.

When Obama passed his historic $787 billion economic stimulus bill after taking office, $1.8 billion was allocated specifically for Baltimore and a single Baltimore zip code (21201) received the most, a total of $837,955,866.

There are few better routes out of poverty than a job, but in that zip code, the massive stimulus spending managed to create a total of 290 jobs. That comes out to more than two million dollars per job created.

bongino education

Baltimore City Public Schools spends 50% more per student than the national average. Despite that, thirteen of Baltimore’s 39 high schools had zero students proficient in math, and six where only one percent test proficient.

Put in other words, in half of all Baltimore high schools, there were a total of fourteen students proficient in math.

President Trump described the city as a place where no human would want to live – and the city’s dwindling population count proves as much.

In the 12 months leading up to July 1st of this year, Baltimore lost 7,300 citizens or 1.2% of its entire population. The city also lost an entire percent of its population in the two individual years prior.

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