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STORM AREA 51: Chad Prather goes off on Storm Area 51 again [3:16] – Prepare to laugh.

TRUMP: Double win [7:02] – SCOTUS ruled in favor of Trump on border wall funding and Trump negotiated a deal with Guatemala to restrict asylum applications to the US from Central America.


NIGERIA: Islamizing the Nigerian Middle Belt – Last weekend, heavily armed Muslims opened fire on Christians in a number of villages in Plateau State of central Nigeria, killing more than 200 and burning some 50 homes to the ground.

Despite the evidently religious nature of the slaughter, mainstream media attributed the violence to “ethnic tensions,” a “battle for land and resources,” or even “climate change.”

FEMINIST LIARS: According to a group of anti-Trump feminazis, the United States is in the top ten “worst countries for women” [3:25] – Yeah, right.


DISGUSTING: Jonathan “wax my balls or else” Yaniv has made the headlines again – He issued the above invitation for tweens and teens to come to an unsupervised, topless pool party. It got shut down by protesters, who Yaniv called “awful people!

For “awful people” read “responsible adults trying to protect minors from a pervert.”

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GOOD READ: This man went from being Catholic, to being an Assemblies of God pastor, to being an LGBT activist, to finally coming back home to the Catholic ChurchBy this point in time I had obtained my fill of old school Christian talk radio, especially the anti-Catholic sentiments often expressed, and on occasion l found myself watching Catholic television such as EWTN instead. I was surprised to hear almost none of the bigotry I had been listening to [on Protestant broadcasts] and was amazed at the level of kindness and respect shown to everyone, friend or foe—all while maintaining traditional Catholic stances.”

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  1. “Don’t stay in the boat when God is calling you to walk on water.”

    Umm… er… Nice thought, but be wise: To start with, you’d better be sure whose voice you’re hearing. Guy I knew who heard angels instructing him, it turned out to be diet pills abuse.

    (Interesting tidbit I learned from that affair: people who hear voices tend to hear “angels” coming from the upper-right; “devils” speak from the lower-left. Brains be funny like that.)

    You know the joke about the priest, the minister, and the rabbi go fishing? 😉

    Lady & the Tramp is a great pic. Might have to swipe feature it on OPStuff.

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