Baltimore Rats

Balt rat map

President Trump was justified in calling Baltimore “rat infested.” It came in 9th in a list of most rat-infested cities. To be fair, Baltimore has shown some improvement. Last year, it was #8; two years ago it was #6.

N.b., the +1 and -1 etc. notes show each city’s shift in place from previous year’s report. E.g., Chicago held on to its #1 Rattiest City spot from last year, LA switched places with New York City, DC switched places with San Francisco, etc.

Top Ten Rattiest Cities Are All Run By Democrats

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles (+1)
  3. New York (-1)
  4. Washington, DC (+1)
  5. San Francisco (-1)
  6. Detroit (+1)
  7. Philadelphia (-1)
  8. Cleveland, OH (+5)
  9. Baltimore (-1)
  10. Denver (+1)

Democrats actually dominate the top 11.5. The first city with a Republican mayor is Fort Worth, Texas, which is at #12, hyphenated with Dallas, a Democrat city.

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