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THE LITTLE SISTERS: The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, who live in the center of France, are the first contemplative community in the world to welcome into consecrated life people with Down Syndrome. The community has a special devotion to Saint Benedict and Saint Theresa of Lisieux.

PROJECT VERITAS: Google engineer goes public [14:01] – “I’ve been coding since I was ten [years old.] I have a PhD, I have five years’ experience at Google and I just know how algorithms are. They don’t write themselves. We write them to do what want them to do.” – Greg Coppola

If YouTube yanks this video, you can see it at the Project Veritas page linked below. If you want to switch your search engine, try Duck Duck Go.

Google what bias

DOJ: Attorney General William Barr announced that the Justice Department will open a broad antitrust review of Big Tech companies. Corporations like Amazon, Alphabet (parent of Google), and Facebook were not mentioned by name, but their stocks all traded lower due to the news. This is one of very few issues on which Left and Right actually agree. E.g., Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren support the investigation.

IRAN: Apparently, they are trying to start a war – Iran launched a gunboat and helicopter raid on a UK-registered oil tanker last week, claiming the vessel had turned off its tracker and ignored warnings after hitting a fishing boat. The owner of the tanker says it was in “full compliance with all navigation and international regulations”.

The move is widely assumed to have been a retaliation to the British seizure of an Iranian vessel off Gibraltar that was suspected of breaching an embargo on oil shipments to Syria. The Iranians hoisted their flag and played the Muslim call the prayer over the sound system.

ABORTION: A compilation of the kind of the violence that members of a single, peaceful, pro-life group has suffered [8:30] – Most of these incidents happened within the past few months as violence against pro-lifers has escalated.

Watching these kinds of incidents always makes me think of how damaged the perpetrators are. Post-abortion trauma is very real and often takes years to be acknowledged by its victims. In the meantime, their unrecognized guilt and shame can fuel violence against pro-lifers.

women's rights

WOMEN’S RIGHTS: A 2018 survey by Reuters ranked India as the most dangerous nation in the world for women. Though all are illegal in India, female-discriminatory violence occur at a shocking rate. E.g., ex-selection abortions, female infanticide, rape.

For example, during a three-month period in one district of northern India, 216 male and 0 female babies were born. In 2018, the Government of India estimated that 63 million women are missing from its population.

In India’s patriarchal culture, sons are future breadwinners and caregivers who have an obligation to look after their parents when they age. Wives join their husband’s families, leaving their own parents destitute if they have no sons. This is even more true in China, which has had a draconian one-child rule for decades.

A scary part of this for the rest of the world is that an excess of unmarried men is very disruptive to a civilization. One way to get rid of them is to turn them into cannon fodder.


Benson 20 mos

BENSON: He was born at just 22 months gestation, only 2 weeks past the mid-point and 18 weeks before Democrats say his mom had the right to call him a non-person and have him murdered. He’s now 20 months old (16 months from his original due date).

If we want to call ourselves civilized, then we must stop devaluing human life based on extraneous details like age, viability, origin, disability, gender, place of residence, and inconvenience to primary care givers. Unborn babies and distressed mamas deserve better from us than legal abortions.

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