Mueller’s Poor Showing

So, yeah, he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. Hallmarks of his answers … “I don’t remember” and “I’m not going to talk about that.”

Chris Wallace says his testimony was a disaster [1:03].

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL-1) was impressive 9{2:16], especially compared with the bumbling, stumbling Mueller.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-4) was equally impressive [2:20]. Mueller sounds like an idiot. He also, in my view, doesn’t look healthy. Or maybe he’s just miserable about being grilled. Even Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod, said so.

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH1) brought up Fusion GPS and Mueller said he wasn’t familiar with that name and that it was outside his purview [:57]. – Wait, wut? Has he been living under a rock?! Even I know that Fusion GPS is the organization that paid for the phony Steele dossier that was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump!

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX1) began his time by entering his 2018 report, Robert Mueller Unmasked, into the record, then he destroyed Mueller [5:22].

Introduction to the report: “Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.” Download the entire 48 page report @

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX4) shredded him over the second volume of his report [1:02] – His comment about Democrats doing “dramatic readings” from the report was excellent. LOL

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ8) said, “You cited media reports nearly 200 times in your report.” [3:00] – “I’ve got to say it looks like Volume 2 is mostly regurgitated press stories. Honestly, there is almost nothing in Volume 2 that I couldn’t already hear or know simply by having a $50 cable news subscription. However, your investigation cost the American taxpayers $25 million.”

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA9) caught former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a contradiction in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning, noting that Mueller was saying something different now than he said in his report. Video embedded here.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) asked a series of questions [4:37] that left Mueller looking like a weasel.

Mueller didn’t even show up well when he was being questioned by friendly Democrats.

The Boston Herald editorial had this to say:

For Democrats, this is the last bite at the apple in the failed attempt to prove Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign or otherwise obstructed justice during the subsequent investigation.

The summary of the report has already been released by the attorney general and then the report itself by Mueller and the unredacted version has been available for lawmakers to see for months. Now, during this rerun of a rerun of a rerun, Democrats are hoping a disinterested public will finally become outraged and begin the chant for impeachment.

They won’t.”

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