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I need this song today! Three hours until my Double Root Canal.

bette midler tweet

FREE SPEECH FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE: Plus, “strangling the free world”? With tweets? BWAHAHAHAHA! Trump really does live rent free in their heads.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Don’t hold your breath waiting on the Left to give President Trump for thisIlhan Omar is shooting off her mouth again, calling Trump a racist and saying he wants black and brown people to all leave the US. What a load of donkey doo! Watch this video if you have the time.

SEND HER BACK: [1:58] President Donald Trump said he was “not happy” with the chant at his rally on Wednesday night, adding that he will try to stop it if it happens again.


BORDER: During the past 18 months, more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults in North Carolina alone. Besides this being only one state, a study has shown that only 12% of child rapes are even reported.

satan jealous

SATAN IS JEALOUS OF US: Because God has given humans an amazing gift – When a man and a woman come together, we can create together a new, immortal life. Angels can’t have children.

Satan and his demonic horde are fallen angels who envy our creative ability. So they strive to make a mess out of marriage and child-bearing with birth control, abortion, homosexual relationships, etc.

I even saw recently where some air-headed celebrity was bragging about how she wasn’t going to have children, because of climate change.

birth control

BIRTH CONTROL: The issue of birth control cuts to the core of the diabolical disorientation of the family in the Western world. When your daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend swallows that pill, not only does she ingest all the artificial hormones that increasingly are linked to breast cancer and strokes later in life, she ingests our society’s judgment of her worth. Whether she takes it with explicitly naughty plans like those of Sally, or for the diversionary purposes of my teenage peers a decade ago, she always absorbs all of the presuppositions that the pill represents. As the soul is more sensitive than the body, these presuppositions are what cause the most damage. They deserve a good dismantling.”




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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Sooo, it turns out that today’s appointment was only for x-rays, meet and greet, and talk about money. I wish I’d known that; I would’ve slept better!

    The office is good fragrance wise. The staff is friendly in a superficial way. Not great listeners. I referred to my dentist as she and her; attendant kept saying he and him. Endodontist was the same. Smiling, but brusque, like he couldn’t wait to be done and out of there. Ditto office staff.

    I’m not thrilled about going back, but I may have to go as many as four more times. And there’s no guarantee they can save the teeth. He did at least help me understand why I NEED root canals or extractions. The latter will be last ditch effort, since the teeth are in front. Anyway, first attempt to roto rooter my canals will be August 13th, by which time hubby has to have $2500 in cash available, on the off chance they actually manage to finish both teeth in that one appointment.

    I was so hoping to be done by this time today, not waiting on more and more and more. But, God is reminding me … another month means more time for D to get the money together and more time for my mind, body, and spirit to get stronger and better able to handle the stresses of the procedures.

    It also pushes out the stresses and expense of the crowns some months into the future, which has the same benefit.