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Mary Ann Mendoza’s son, Brandon, was killed by an illegal driving drunk. She heads the Angel Families organization, representing the families of those who have been killed by illegal aliens in the U.S.

Angel Families says its mission is convince our politicians and fellow Americans that illegal aliens pose a threat to our personal safety and our national security.

Twitter has told her she may not sign into her account until she deletes a series of posts (including the one above) about crimes committed by illegal aliens and the impact of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.

Another said, “4300+ Americans are KILLED EVERY YEAR by ILLEGAL ALIENS in the US.”

In other words, FACTS that Democrats don’t like to hear are labeled “hate speech” and banned by social media giants.

Martin FB jail toon

The Remembrance Project seeks to provide a voice for those killed by illegal aliens. The group’s senior chaplain, Ruth Martin, was placed in Facebook jail for posting the cartoon above.

Maria Espinoza, the co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, said, “This is unacceptable and ludicrous for such bias and flat out discrimination against conservative Americans and our freedom of speech.”

Recently, I saw three Facebook sites openly promoting a “Storm Area 51” event. This is alleged to be a serious plan to gather as many people as possible to overrun an American military installation. The Facebook page is still up @

I also did a quick search for stuff from the Left that Facebook has not yanked. Here are two I found without much trouble.

Punch Mitch

Abolish ice


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