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TISSUE ALERT: Operation Wheelchair [3:02] – This is unexpected and very beautiful.

PELOSI BANNED: [4:37] – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was banned after she called President Trump a “racist”, something which violated the House’s rules of decorum. The chairman at the time, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, reprimanded her for the “personality-based” attack before “abandoning the chair.

How can Democrats expect the American people to trust their ability to govern if they can’t even get a simple legislative proposal on the floor without their Leadership devolving into pandemonium and lawlessness?” – House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Joseph Curl notes that Trump himself explained the purpose behind his incendiary tweets: “The Dems were trying to distance themselves from the four progressives, but now they are forced to embrace them,” he wrote. “That means they are endorsing socialism, hate of Israel and the USA! Not good for the Democrats!

Curl continues, “And that was the whole point. Trump wanted to call the four ‘progressives’ out, make them the subject, and force Democrats to defend them. By doing so, the entire party is now embracing the ideology they spew — from socialism to anti-Semitism to what can only be described as a deep disdain (if not hatred) for America and her principles. Kinda brilliant.

It certainly didn’t hurt him with his base. After the kerfuffle, Trump’s net approval among Republicans rose by 5 percentage points.

GOP AD: Republican ad blasts The Squad [1:17]


BORDER:In open defiance of the law, both [Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi] and [former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] have published guides for illegal immigrants who have already been ordered deported by a judge. These guides show illegal immigrants how they can avoid lawful deportation orders.” – National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd

STEELE DOSSIER: Hannity interviews investigative reporter John Solomon [8:01] – The FBI knew in early 2017 that the VAST MAJORITY of the Steele Dossier was wrong or unverified. And yet they continued to use the fake document anyway to con the FISA court to allow them to spy on Trump and his campaign, his transition team and his administration. These people belong behind bars.

JUDICIARY: This is worth watching [3:31] – The Republican-led Senate has confirmed Judge Peter Phipps to the 3rd Circuit. This is President Trump’s 43rd circuit court nominee confirmation.

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network noted that the Senate rejected “liberal attempts to smear him for – of all things – his membership in the Knights of Columbus.”


ANTI-SEMITISM: On July 15, 2019, William Jacobson spoke at the Department of Justice Summit on Combatting Anti-Semitism, on a panel regarding Anti-Semitism on Campus. His presentation was on “Intersectionality.” The nine minute video is embedded at the link, as is a transcript of his remarks.

CHAD PRATHER: Advice to troops preparing to storm Area 51 [3:24] – “Here are the battle plans for the invasion of Area 51. They can’t stop you all so go get those aliens.” This is very funny!

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