The latest tidbits about the 2020 hopefuls and their campaigns.

TRUMP agenda

TRUMP: His agenda is everything the Democrat agenda is not.

MUST VIEW: [2:49] – “Musical satire and parody from the Capitol Steps. We perform every Friday & Saturday at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Visit us at http://www.capsteps.com/.”

THE SQUAD: [9:04] – Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz weighs in on the feud between President Trump and progressive Democrat freshmen lawmakers.

The Four

THE SQUAD: A poll taken in May, before Speaker Pelosi’s latest run-in with AOC and the three other liberal House freshmen known as “The Squad” surveyed 1,003 likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education. IOW, the white, non-college voters who embraced Donald Trump in 2016, but are needed by Democrats in swing House districts.

  • Rep. Ocasio-Cortez = Recognized 74%; Favorable view 22%.
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar = Recognized 53%; Favorable view 9%.
  • Socialism = Favorable 18%; Unfavorable 69%.
  • Capitalism = 56% favorable; Unfavorable 32%.


Kamala trump trope

KAMALA: What Trump said has nothing whatsoever to do with what idiotic white supremacists say to descendants of slaves.

Ilhan Omar came here voluntarily, as a refugee, from the hell hole known as Somalia. We not only gave her citizenship, but also a seat in our House of Representatives. She repays our generosity with slander and lies.

Also Kamala: Six partners at the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis hosted a campaign fundraiser for Kamala Harris.

Her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, attended. On the SAME DAY, Kamala Harris, herself, publicly blasted Kirkland and Ellis for presiding over Jeffrey Epstein’s defense.

Stilton Biden

BIDEN: From Stilton Jarlsberg – “In Joe Biden’s increasingly desperate bid to associate himself with Barack Obama in the public’s mind, he recently trotted out a comment which is – even for Joe – jaw-droppingly stupid.

“At a candidate’s forum on Monday, the former Veep said of his ‘new‘ healthcare proposition that ‘if you like your healthcare plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. If you like your private insurance, you can keep it.

“This is almost word for word what Obama said just before making it illegal for millions of Americans to keep their health care plans and, in some cases, quadrupling their insurance costs. Obama’s oft-repeated promise is widely regarded as the lyingest lie told in eight solid years of lying. It probably has its own entry in the Guinness World Record Book of Lies and will likely never be bested.

“Although it’s entirely possible that Slidin’ Biden (whose poll numbers keep dropping) is tone deaf enough not to realize his choice of words was salting a national wound, we prefer to think that Obama himself is secretly giving Biden hilariously bad advice on running for President and wondering when Joe will finally catch on to the joke.”


INSLEE: Unbelievable – Foul and loud-mouthed Megan Rapinoe and her U.S. and Trump-bashing may be solely responsible for causing women’s soccer ratings to drop by 43% this year.

Does Inslee know that the Secretary of State is in charge of, you know, like, DIPLOMACY?

Beto Loser

BETO: Someone needs to tell him he’s finishedWhen people believed there was a chance he could defeat Ted Cruz, he was a national sensation. Now that he’s sharing the stage with so many other candidates, he’s just another white guy running for president.


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