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SHAMEFUL: Rep. Garcia sucks [4:31]Homan is RIGHT.

not fair taxes

PROGRESSIVE TAXATION: Democrats say that, under our current tax system, the top 1% don’t pay their “fair” share.

I’d have to agree. Fair means Marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism.

What would actually be FAIR is if the top 1% paid the same percentage of their income as the rest of us, not more.

SHADOW BANNING: Real time proofPresident Trump mentioned this in his talk at the White House Social Media Summit. Twitter removes LIKES from his tweets! This real time video shows the LIKES on this tweet going from 6,000 to 11.2K, then back to 6,000 … in just 14 seconds.


FASCISM: Antifa are fascists, not anti-fascists – “It’s so ironic to call yourself an anti-fascist when you’re literally enforcing your own particular ideology to the point of violence, and you’re wearing masks and you’re running around hitting people and pretending that you’re being inundated with Nazis and white supremacists and that this is all necessary.” – Joe Rogan


ABORTION: If pro-aborts actually cared about women more than they do about making money off of killing babies, they would be outraged by this. Ditto the alarming statistics about higher addiction and suicide rates, premature births, and breast cancer in post-abortive women. As it is, they ignore and/or suppress all such data.

The story at this link is worth reading. Tissue alert.

Sheen moral principles

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: “Don’t ask whether or not there is a war going on: a war for the soul of our society, a war for the integrity of our Church. There is. The right question to ask—first of yourself, then of your pastor and your bishop and your Catholic friends—is: Which side are you on?” – Phil Lawler


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