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MASCOTS: Mama Buzz and a good friend took the kids to the Playseum and had a great time. Mama highly recommends it.

Bunny Bootz store

Buzz skeleton puzzle

SPECIAL EDITION OF HANNITY: The Boomerang of Justice [5:30] and The Russia Hoax [9:10] – These are well worth watching.

THE RUSSIA HOAX: Rush Limbaugh calls Greg Jarrett’s book, “The entire compendium of the effort to overturn the election results of 2016 from the Steele dossier to the corruption of the deep state to the exoneration of Hillary Clinton to the Mueller investigation.”

true the vote

TRUE THE VOTE: The article is worth reading in full – True the Vote was founded in 2009 in an effort to curb the rising tide of voter fraud. The Obama IRS targeted them, as they did so many other conservative groups. In their first 24 months, the IRS subjected them to 23 audits, investigations, and inquiries. True the Vote finally sued. After more than a decade, they have been vindicated.

BORDER: Ex-acting ICE head unloads on Congress at migrant detention hearing [2:26] – Clearly, he was as infuriated as we are about Democrats spewing “righteous indignation” over conditions they have repeatedly refused to rectify.

COAST GUARD: Wow! [1:00] – The US Coast Guard released this incredible video of service members leaping onto a moving “narco-sub” in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The smugglers and millions of dollars worth of drugs were apprehended.


EBOLA: The death toll in central Africa’s latest Ebola virus outbreak have risen to 1,536. Compounding the crisis is a simultaneous and accelerating measles outbreak with a stunning death toll of almost 2,000 people, mostly children under five.

OBAMA SCANDAL: Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents while she was Obama’s Secretary of State [5:18] – Judicial Watch has uncovered proof that the Obama White House coordinated the cover up by people in the State Department, FBI, and the DOJ.

Fitton says there’s no doubt “there should have been a comprehensive criminal investigation that resulted in prosecutions and the Justice Department has more than enough evidence to reopen the case.”

women's soccer

WOMEN’S SOCCER: “Embarrassing and childish” [4:13] – I have been refusing to dignify this bitch’s bad behavior by discussing it here. But the Daily Caller rant and Terrell’s take were just too excellent to pass up.


BLACK BILLIONAIRE: Criticizes Democrats, praises Trump – Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television and America’s first black billionaire, says his party is “too far to the Left.

I give the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that’s benefiting a large amount of Americans,” he said.


DISMEMBERMENT BAN: Oklahoma County District Judge Cindy Truong upheld a 2015 Oklahoma state law banning dismemberment abortions that tear nearly fully-formed, living, unborn babies limb from limb.

dismemberment victim

The Tulsa Women’s Clinic, an abortion facility, tried to get the court to overturn the law, so they could continue torturing babies to death.

FEMINIST: Twisted priorities [4:12] She’s got a gigantic problem with pictures of abortion victims, but not with the reality of what abortion did to those little children.

male or female

GENDER: NYC is absolutely dominated by Democrats – Starting this fall, New York City Schools Chancellor, Richard Carranza, will institute a radical new policy on registered names, dress codes, bathrooms, locker rooms, and athletics.

For the first time, kids will be able to “self-report” both their names and their genders when enrolling in the city’s public schools.

I had a classmate in junior high who made a big stink about wanting to legally change her name to Peanut Butter. (They didn’t let her.) Under this ludicrous NYC  system, kids can name themselves whatever they like, for however long they choose. Then change their names to something else.

Good luck putting together valid transcripts for college!


SLIME STREAM MEDIA: “If you don’t toe the Democrat Party line, you’re a racist, right-wing extremist, internet troll who deserves to be demonetized, shadow banned, or just plain ol’ banned – That was the point of the White House Social Media Summit and the FAKE NEWS media just added more evidence with its ridiculous coverage of the event.

BONGINO ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT: If you want to listen to his experience at the summit, 3:00 to 18:00. He also explains what “demonetizing” means.

CHAD PRATHER: There is only one race, the human race. [5:44] – Chad makes an interesting point,which is that race is a social construct that has no basis in biology. Compare it to gender, which is a biological reality that the Left has recently decided is nothing more than a social construct.

5 gallon buckets

spiderman kleenex



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  1. Dolphin vid was amazing. Always emotionally moving when animals — higher mammals especially — patiently wait for humans to help. Even more amazing when they clearly choose to come to us for help! I’ve seen vids of this with elephants and cows.

    They somehow understand we are the gods who can help.

    It’s the thumbs.

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