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2019_07 11 Bootz shoes

MASCOTS: Shoe shopping – Bootz got Toy Story sneakers that light up! Bunny’s new rain boots do too. Mama says, “I’m so happy i didn’t replace Buzz’s shoes a week or two ago. His were getting really worn out but still seemed to have room, so while he needed new, I thought going up a size would be too roomy. He had a big growth spurt last week so now going up a size is perfect.”

I remember doing that in the wrong direction when we were preparing for one of the girls’ First Holy Communion Sunday. It’s a big deal in Catholic culture, especially for the girls who get to wear a beeeyoootiful dress and veil and often flowers as well. I found adorable shoes in February and stupidly bought them. My daughter’s poor feet were so squashed when her Big Day roll around in May! Live and learn …


CENSUS: President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will drop a fight to put a citizenship question on the U.S. Census and instead signed an executive order directing the Department of Commerce to obtain the information through other means.

The impediment was logistical, not legal.” – AG Barr

The Left didn’t want the citizenship question asked on the census. Now, it won’t be. Instead the Feds will use Social Security records, Homeland Security records and other records already in their possession. The Left is screwed.” – Rod Sullivan (I saw this on my Facebook timeline.)

MUST WATCH VIDEO: This is seriously scary [3:30] – The Democratic Party wants to do this here.

TRUMP: White House summit on social media [50:19] – Invitees were mostly comprised of prominent, and sometimes controversial, online right-wing pundits.

Some of you are extraordinary. The crap you think of is unbelievable!”

There’s a nice tribute to James O’Keefe starting at 28:00.

He’s not controversial. He’s truthful.”

President Trump said, “We have a bigger voice than anybody, but we don’t get covered fairly.

Slate proved his point.


THE PRO-LIFE GENERATION: These young people understand that the unborn have human rights and deserve to be protected.


ABORTION: Scientific consensus among left-wingers says, “Life begins at conception – A new survey asked 5,577 biologists from over a thousand academic institutions in 86 countries, “When does human life begin?

Ninety-six percent said human life begins at the point of conception (i.e., fertilization).

The sample of biologists included:

  • 85% = Pro-choice
  • 89% = Liberal
  • 63% = Non-religious

ABORTION Elie Wiesel

ABORTION: “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13 A small group of left-wing “religious” leaders (who have apparently never read the Bible) gathered to “bless” (not by the God I worship!) an Austin, Texas, abortuary with a history of health code violations.

DOG loved her first

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  2. Alex Jones had it right – it’s an Info War, and the enemy is full of deceit.

    That Slate headline is almost predictable. This was a bit more jaw-dropping:

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