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BORDER PATROL: Saving lives – The Trump deranged quickly launched into an assault on the very people who rescued these people. The general tone of their tweets being, “Oh goodie. Now they can go drink out of toilets.” I’ll spare you any of the rest. These people are despicable.

Trump immigration privilege

TRUMP: Win! – First, he threatened Mexico with tariffs and shut off foreign aid to the countries in Central America that are responsible for most of the illegals flooding into our country. Then, the number of people taken into custody after illegally crossing into the United States dropped by more than 37,500.

The border is still in a crisis, because an average of 3,166 people were taken into custody each day in June, but Border Patrol can only hold 4,000 at a time.

Migrants are supposed to remain in custody 72 hours before being transferred to another agency or released into the U.S.


CENSUS: Attorney General William Barr said Monday he sees a way to legally require 2020 census respondents to declare whether or not they are citizens.


PERVERT: After billionaire financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested again over the weekend for allegedly sex trafficking minors in Florida and New York from 2002 to 2005, prosecutors published their indictment (gag alert) on the internet @

One of the accusers is pictured above. She was a 14-year-old middle schooler in braces when, she says, Epstein molested her. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman encourages other of Epstein’s victims to come forward and share their stories.

Predictably, the Slime Stream Media attempted to implicate Trump, based on a photo of them at some party or other. So, yeah, they were both rich and traveled in the same circles. Big deal.

According to the attorney for one of the girls who accused Epstein more than a decade ago, Donald Trump was the only private citizen who provided assistance to him.

And Trump reportedly kicked Epstein out of the Mar-a-Lago Club for hitting on a minor.

PATRIOTISM: Too bad Colin Krapernick didn’t have a guy like this coaching him when he was coming up through the ranks.


CAFFEINE CAN KILL: Read the labels. Know what’s in your supplements.

At 2:07 am, Lachlan Foote posted, “Just made an anti hangover / workout shake and it tasted awful.” Within a few hours, he was dead. The coroner concluded he overdosed on caffeine.

Caffeine powder is widely marketed as a diet supplement and is commonly added to energy drinks and shakes. A teaspoon of pure caffeine powder can be equivalent of up to 50 cups of coffee. Combining it with alcohol and/or other legal drugs can be lethal.

UNLAWFUL LICKING: [:34] – Just days after police tracked down the teenage girl who licked Blue Bell ice cream and returned it to a store freezer, a 36-year-old Louisiana man is behind bars for copying her actions. He now faces charges of tampering with property and unlawful posting of criminal activity.


CALIFORNIA SUCKS: The California Board of Education, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU created and implement a progressive sex education and gender theory agenda. Students are shown sexually explicit content from kindergarten through 12th grade. Topics include fisting, blood play, masturbation, oral sex, and more.

Parents can opt their children out of sexual education, but not from discussions of gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The law also prohibits abstinence-only education and prohibits any discussion of religious doctrine.

There is a clear political agenda to destroy the traditional family in America. Until now, the American family was considered to be the foundation of civic life; the smallest form of government, where children are taught responsibility, respect for authority, and national pride.” – Suzanne Gallagher, Executive Director of Parental Rights In Education


KUDOS: There’s a time for turning the other cheek and a time for standing up and saying, “No more.” – After her 12-year-old was twice booted from a classroom for speaking up about his faith, a Washington state mom contacted The Pacific Justice Institute. The religious liberties organization sent a letter to the principal and the attorney for the school district to ensure that the student’s rights to express his faith were protected. The boy says he no longer is reprimanded for pointing to the Scriptures in the classroom.

Everything stopped, so now if I talk about God in school, I don’t get in trouble,” he stated. “I would just to say to those people who are just like me in the same situation to not be afraid and to always stand up for what’s right because God is going to reward you,” Sibusiso exhorted. “And no matter how intimidating the people might seem, just continue to speak up for your faith and do the right thing.”

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  1. I saw, “CAFFEINE CAN KILL,” and first thought was, oh, not another anti-coffee study! It’s too soon for that. We just had one that said coffee was good, again.

    Oh — Caffeine powder. Good grief! Too much of anything will kill you. Including water.

    Daniel Malice did a vid about these food tamperers, and listed which ice cream brands have safety seals and which don’t.

    For the record, I’ve read that Bluebell (and probably others who don’t have safety seals) final-freeze the ice cream carton upside down, so it’s stuck to the lid. If you take the lid off and it doesn’t ssshhhlllllgggkkk peel off the ice cream, it’s been previously opened. Easy enough to check, but then how many will check such a thing before they put it in their cart, much less have it in the freezer for days before opening it!

    I’m thinking charging food tamperers with criminal terrorist acts is not out of the question.

    Speaking of food tampering, someone on A♠ said she’d had food poisoning a couple of times lately and would from now on only buy leafy produce at the local market.

    She mentioned the X-ray of the truck, crates of… food?… unrefrigerated, people inside, no sanitation facilities. That’s the one they caught…

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