The latest tidbits about the 2020 hopefuls and their campaigns.


TRUMP DERANGEMENT LIES: The relentless and unprecedented attacks on President Trump do little to hurt him or his base. For one thing, we know none of them are true.

Is he a racist? No. He lobbied for and signed the First Step Act into law. Prison terms have already been reduced for more than 1,000 people, 93% of whom are black. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at historic lows.

Is he a sexist? No. His was the first successful presidential campaign to be headed by a woman.

Is he a homophobe? No. He supports gay marriage and his most successful ambassador is openly gay.

Is he a xenophobe? No. His current wife and one of his exes are immigrants. And he, his father, and four of his offspring are children of immigrants.

Is he Hitler? No. Jews are walking about free and the only secret police are the Deep State thugs who tried to usurp his presidency.

Is he the worst president ever? No. In his first two years, he has given us the first corporate tax cut, 3.7% unemployment, 3.1% economic growth so far this year, 3.1% wage growth, 44 circuit judges, new trade agreements, the end of terrible regulations, and the best and most entertaining rallies ever.

FIVE NUTTY PLANS: [3:24]These aren’t exaggerations. They are just what the candidates said.

TUCKER: [5:38] –  The good news is that the majority of American voters aren’t as dumb as the whacky Leftists who now control orthodoxy in the Democrat fold.

student loans

STUDENT LOAN CRISIS: College tuition increased only modestly until the government expanded federal student assistance programs to include middle-income students.

After that, college costs exploded. While inflation increased 279%, tuition increased 1,225%.

Now there’s a “crisis” that Democratic presidential candidates want to “solve” in their usual way. Taxes and give-aways. But an analysis by the Brooking’s Institute produced a surprising result. The Dem plans would mostly benefit people in the top 20 percent income bracket.




BIDEN: Gag Alert on that video. I only got through 36 seconds of it. [1:36] – Neither of the Obamas has endorsed Biden for the Democrat presidential nomination. Nor have they defended him in any way from charges of racism lodged by his opponents.

Ethics Group Slams Warren, Harris for Brett Kavanaugh ...

RACISTS: Kamala and Fauxcahontas both announced new plans over the weekend for government to redistribute private wealth differently according to recipients’ race.

Gillibrand worst

SWALWELL: In February, Swalwell said that, if he ran for president, he would not run again for the House seat he currently occupies. He lied. As one tweeter said, “What a vivid shade of shocked I just turned.

Swalwell’s zero percent of supporters will have to go somewhere else. Maybe to another zero percent candidate. Is it the Greeks who invented the concept of absolute zero?” – Dan Bongino

TLAIB: Shameful [:32] – She complains every chance she gets about the situation on the border yet when given the opportunity to add $4.6 Billion in aid you vote against it. I so hope this woman loses her seat in 2020.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY IMPLODING: [1:36] – Pelosi sneers at claims that AOL, Omar, and Talib are the powerful leaders of the New Left.

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