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In 1802, a muckraking, racist, alcoholic journalist, who had served prison time for his particular brand of journalism, invented the story that Thomas Jefferson had fathered Tom, the first-born son of Sally Hemings. Calender had tried to blackmail Jefferson into appointing him postmaster at Richmond. When that failed, he retaliated by publishing his wild tale, one which no serious historian has ever believed.

However, modern feminists and America-hating Leftists love to repeat it as if it’s gospel truth. And, unbelievably, tour guides at Monticello tell visitors that Thomas Jefferson fathered not just Tom, but all of Hemings’ children.

In 1998, a retired pathologist, Dr. Eugene Foster, performed a DNA test on the Y-chromosomes of living male descendants of Sally Hemings, as well as those from Jefferson’s paternal uncle.

The Y-chromosome is passed from male to male, so, if the story were true, Hemings’ male descendants ought to have the Y-chromosome of the Jefferson male bloodline.

What the DNA tests showed was that Hemings’ firstborn son, Tomthe Tom whose alleged paternity was the basis for Callender’s accusationwas not related to any Jefferson male.

Foster’s study did establish that Hemings’ last-born son, Eston, was the son of one of the 25 adult Jefferson males, eight of whom lived at or near Monticello. Thomas Jefferson was not among them, being the President of the United States. While he visited Monticello and hosted foreign dignitaries there, he lived at the White House.

After the DNA test, hundreds of Slime Stream sources rushed to print the LIE that Thomas Jefferson himself had fathered Eston.

But the historical record does not support this. It does, however, point toward six other Jefferson males who were frequently at Monticello – i.e., President Jefferson’s brother, Randolph, who was 52 and single, and his five sons, then aged 17 to 24 years old.

There is no evidence that Thomas spent time with the slaves or showed any interest in Hemings’ children.

But Randolph was known to enjoy spending time “playing the fiddle and dancing half the night” with the slaves and is known to have taught her sons to play the fiddle.

Source: Ann Coulter’s article @ Breitbart:


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  1. D’ya s’pose that’s what Sally Hemings really looked like? Very pretty.

    Ever hear the story of the two monks who came to a river where an old woman was standing, afraid to cross the rushing stream? One monk helps carry the woman across the water, and then the monks proceed with their journey. After a while, the other monk complains that their order takes vows never to touch a woman. Came his brother’s reply: “I set her down when we reached the other shore, yet you are still carrying her!”

    That’s how these collectivist bigots are about slavery. Decisively and forever decided (at least in the USA), by virtue of a horrendous amount of American blood spilled, that slavery would be no more, over a century and a half ago. But they keep trying to put them-all back in chains, as Creepy Uncle Joe put it. No grievance-class profit in free individuals.

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