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2019_07 04 Mascots

MASCOTS: Mama and Bunny dress up for Independence Day!

fireworks dogs

FIREWORKS: They’re poisonous – Don’t let your pets ingest fireworks, burnt or unburnt. That includes sparklers. They’re poisonous to animals and there are absolutely no warnings on the boxes about it.

BORDER: President Donald J. Trump has signed the bipartisan bill to provide $4.6 billion in emergency funding for humanitarian aid and security at our southern border, then stresses we MUST FIX THE SYSTEM. [20:21]

Border Patrol agents have told us that illegal aliens are no longer coming to the United States to claim asylum. They cross the border, find the first agent they see and ask to see an immigration judge. The reason? They know about catch-and-release. They know that once they receive their court date – the very date they’ll ignore – they’re free to do what they please in the U.S. There’s nothing that would give them the desire to show up for court, especially if there’s a large possibility of being deported.

BORDER: [1:18] If you hate ICE, then you must be in favor of child sex trafficking, drug cartel violence, terrorists, and lying politicians and media outlets. Right? Isn’t that how liberals think?

chicago gun

GUN CONTROL: TWICE in June more than 50 people fell victim to week-end gun violence within the Chicago city limits. Maybe we should ban week-ends …

not guilty

NOT GUILTY: Special Warfare Chief Edward GallagherThe jury has declared the decorated Navy SEAL not guilty.

PP close up

PP Google maps

GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS: Somebody recently noticed that the Google Maps default picture for Planned Parenthood in Denver, CO, shows a Eucharistic procession in front. Fortunately, the sharp eyed pro-lifer recorded screenshots, because Google Maps removed them after they went viral.

WHACK JOB: “Making fun of” is not the same as “threaten” – Plus, “There’s no need for anyone to think that’s unacceptable.” All righty, then. So we agree. ::snort::


MINI AOC: Mini AOC, whose Twitter account had 87,000 followers before it was deleted, was played by Ava Martinez. She brought so much laughter and fun to the internet with her harmless parodies of Big AOC until she and the family were doxxed and began receiving death threats.

I’m struck by the contrast with Sarah Palin’s reaction to Tina Fey’s SNL skits. She thought Tina was very funny and only wished voters weren’t so stupid that they confused a comedy skit (“I can see Russia from my house”) was something she, Sarah Palin, had actually said. She also noted that she had dressed up as Tina once for Halloween, because the resemblance between them was so striking.

trade school

TRADE SCHOOLS: Blue-collar professionals such as plumbers and mechanics are earning more than the average salary for white-collar jobs — and they don’t require a traditional college degree (or the traditional mega-school loans).

El Salvador

EL SALVADOR: When a father and his two-year-old daughter from El Salvador drowned in the Rio Grande trying to illegally enter the United States last week, Democrats running for president immediately blamed President Trump.

But Nayib Bukele, the new president of El Salvador, who took office just a month ago, declared “it is our fault.”

“People don’t flee their homes because they want to. They flee their homes because they feel they have to. ”What country did they flee? Did they flee the United States? They fled El Salvador, they fled our country. It is our fault.”

Trump recently stopped our foreign aid to El Salvador. Suddenly, their president is taking responsibility? Hmm. Interesting!

dog park

DOG PARK: The new park will allow patients to visit with their own pets as well as therapy animals. It was made possible through a grant which provides funding to create safe, off-leash dog parks across the country.

DOG wake up


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  1. Dog pic at the bottom – Cute dog. How I miss ours!

    Last week, we drove home from Mom’s and when I stopped the car, turned off the A/C, I caught just the very faintest whiff – hardly a molecule’s worth – of our ol’ doggie. (He’s been gone a long time now, but he did a lot of travelling with us in that car.) Funny how just the slightest smell can trigger so much emotion.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      So true. I had an odd thing happen once. When I was growing up, we ate dinner by candlelight in the dining room. The place mats, silverware, etc. were in a cherry wood buffet next to the dining table.

      The wood had a strong and distinctive odor that was apparent whenever I opened the drawers to set the table. We also had distinctive, cut glass and silver salt and pepper sets.

      Many, many years after those dinners were a distant memory, I was flipping through a mail order catalog and saw those exact salt and pepper sets for sale. And for a moment, my nose filled with the distinctive odor of those buffet drawers.

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