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Thomas Jefferson July 3


KINDNESS: Landon is a 7-year-old, high-functioning autistic boy who recently had to fly alone for the first time. His mom gave him a note to give to his seatmate that explained that Landon “might be nervous” and ask “Are we there yet?” many times. “Please just make him feel safe and comfortable,” she wrote. She added that she enclosed $10 as a gesture of appreciation to whoever ended up sitting next to her son. She received this reply. I need a tissue.

AFGHANISTAN: Interview with Tucker Carlson [4:15] – “There’s no military like our military in the world” but we shouldn’t be policing the world. He says he would prefer “to just get out” of Afghanistan, but he is reluctant because it is a “lab for terrorists” and it’s hard to ignore the advice of generals who say “it’s better to attack them over there than attack them in our land.”


NIKE: Colin Crapernick – Nike has pulled a patriotic sneaker made to celebrate Independence Day because Colin Kaepernick reportedly complained that the first American flag on the heel was “offensive” to him.

nine line

NIKE: #NoToNike – In response to Nike’s decision and the debate surrounding it, Nine Line Apparel has released a t-shirt featuring the flag created during the Second Continental Congress to show unity among the original 13 colonies.

Nine Line Apparel is a Savannah, Georgia-based company founded by a military veteran and his wife in 2012. The founder is also “calling on Americans to boycott Nike and to display their patriotism with the hashtag #NoToNike.”


NIKE: From Stilton Jarlsberg – Just in time for the 4th of July, Colin Kaepernick and Nike have again declared themselves to be anti-American scumbags who don’t deserve another moment’s attention or another dime in revenue.

Specifically, Nike had planned to release a new line of patriotically-themed shoes on Independence Day. The red, white, and blue shoes were emblazoned with small replicas of the original Betsy Ross American flag, and looked great. Or we should say, they looked great to troglodytes like us who are insufficiently “woke.”

Because Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick found the shoes deeply offensive, since slavery was still allowed in the United States at the same time Betsy Ross agreed to sew the flag instead of “taking the knee” and getting herself a lucrative endorsement deal.

Nike wasted a perfectly good and long overdue opportunity to tell Kaepernick to STFU, and instead recalled every pair of shoes (and will no doubt sell them overseas in the many countries that haven’t abolished slavery).

Happily, Nike got an immediate smackdown for their asinine behavior: the Governor of Arizona immediately rescinded $2 million in tax breaks and perks which had been offered to the shoemakers as an enticement to build a new factory in the state.

Now that’s the kind of fireworks we enjoy seeing!

border pastors

BORDER: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” (Exodus 20:16) – A group of pastors from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference toured the same facility that AOC has been shrieking (by which I mean, lying) about this week. One of them reported, “To my surprise, I saw something drastically different from the stories I’ve been hearing in our national discourse. … We found no soiled diapers, no deplorable conditions and no lack of basic necessities.”

They specifically asked border agents if they staged the facility in response to the negative press. “They unequivocally denied it — we were witnessing the identical conditions the attorneys saw when they toured the facility days earlier.”

In fact, some told him the sources from whom the negative coverage originated “never toured the areas of the facility that we toured” and speculated they might have had political motivations.

The pastors left encouraged by the commitment and dedication of America’s Border Patrol and immigration officers, “many of which are Latinos, by the way.”

One emotional Border Patrol agent said to them, “What they’re saying about us is completely false. We care about these kids and have a passion for our calling.”

flu vaccine

FLU VACCINE: The CDC’s data shows that this year’s flu vaccine “failed miserably”, due to a current flu strain that showed up halfway through the season. Due to the flu virus’ ability to change so quickly, vaccine effectiveness usually averages around 40%, making getting the shot a bit of a crap shoot.

One guy who got the flu shot last November became seriously ill with flu symptoms within a couple of days. After staying in bed for a week at his house, he had to be admitted to the emergency room ICU, where he spent the next 3 weeks in the ICU, blinded and paralyzed. He is now home with his family but he is far from back to normal, as he is still partially blind and in a wheelchair.

Another factor that has come to my attention recently is the remarkable performance of homeopathic remedies during the deadly 1918 flu pandemic. If you’re interested, the article is linked below.


ALASKA: You go, Governor! Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy used his line-item veto power to slash $334,700 from the state budget. This is the amount of public money allocated for elective abortions. He suggested the Supreme Court should pay for them, since they’re the only branch of Alaska’s government that supports the practice.


CATHOLIC NEWS: Pope Francis announced that Blessed John Henry Newman and four other blesseds will be canonized on October 13 in St. Peter’s Square. (That day will also be our 40th wedding anniversary.)

The Vatican also reaffirmed the inviolability of the seal of the confession as governments in Australia and California consider legislation to undermine the sacramental seal. “It concerns the protection of the same sacrament, instituted by Christ to be a safe haven of salvation for sinners. Should the trust in the seal fail, the faithful would be discouraged from accessing the sacrament of Reconciliation, and this, obviously, with serious harm to souls,” said Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, who signed the Vatican document.


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  1. I’ve always said, you can lie to your doctor, and you can lie to the policeman, and you can even lie to your lawyer (although none of these is a good idea), but two folks you can’t lie to are your dentist and your accountant.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      My doctor’s office gives me a printed review of everything after every visit. There’s always a line on there that usually annoys me, since I am a very truthful person. Today, it’s kinda making me laugh.
      “Patient denies cigarette use.”

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      • Reminds me of the MD I went to once (and only once) when I was 21 and unmarried, who about had a coronary when I told him I was a virgin. “Patient denies sexual activity”?


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I had a similar experience, because at 17, I became a Christian and decided to wait for my wedding night. (I was 25.) Then, afterwards we used Natural Family Planning, which usually incited more sneering and eye rolling from medical personnel.

          It makes me sad. When my mom was a 25 year old bride, the NICE girls were the ones who had chosen to wait. She told me her mother-in-law (not a nice woman at all!) had sneered at her, “He probably only married you, because you were the first girl to say no.”

          My Pop was the handsome BMOC, quarterback of the varsity football team. Hearing no must be really ego shattering for that type.

          One of my beautiful daughters was stalked by a guy like that who simply could NOT believe any female could resist his charms. ::snort::

          She’s a Major in the Army and a 2 time war veteran now. He had NO idea what he was up again! LOLOL

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          • I always took it for granted that I would wait until I was married. This had partly to do with my faith, partly to do with the fact that I had zero interest in exposing myself to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and/or unwanted pregnancy, and partly to do with the fact that my father would have killed me if I’d turned up pregnant out of wedlock. But by the time I was in my late teens/early twenties, most people seemed to consider chastity to be a form of sexual deviance.

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            • chrissythehyphenated

              My girls said they had it easier with sex and drugs. Their crowd was a lot more tolerant of


            • chrissythehyphenated

              Woops. … tolerant of those who chose to abstain. Lauren said she was everybody’s favorite drinking buddy, because she always stayed sober to drive.

              When I was in college, i went out with my floor mates a couple times, but I hated the loud music and they were disgusted that didn’t drink. They stopped asking and I didn’t care.

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