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WEEK IN REVIEW: One America News Network [3:07] – Quick run down of the top headlines.

BORDER: Democrats keep saying Trump is against immigration – What a crock. His wife is an immigrant. And he keeps saying, “We need people, because we have all these jobs.” He just wants them to be LEGAL. What is so damn difficult about that concept?!

BORDER: The only reason to tune in to CNN is to hear the Democrat Talking Point du Jour.


BORDER: Democrats bear the shame “The death by drowning of a father and his young daughter are tragic, and the Left is (of course) blaming Trump. But the truth is what Rick McKee brilliantly shows here. The open borders espoused by the Left are tempting people into horribly dangerous situations. Death, rape, and child trafficking are all risks run by those unwilling to immigrate legally.

“If the Left genuinely cared about kids in “concentration camps,” and the deaths and rapes of the most vulnerable, they would be demanding a wall at our southern border. The fact that they continue to play the piper’s inviting tune says it all.” – Stilton Jarlsberg

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“They don’t even have BEDS!”

“How DARE you make beds for them!”

HYPOCRISY: Jim Acosta sneered at Trump, “What is it with your cosiness with some of these dictators and autocrats at these summits?” [3:05]Seriously? Was he critical of Obama after a hot mic picked up his assurances to Putin that he could “be more flexible after my election”?

Acosta again: “Do you think it’s horrible for journalists to be killed?” Again, seriously? Acosta is such a jerk. But at least he let Trump answer his questions without interrupting.


LIMOUSINE LIBERAL: Clearly, the whole thing was all about polishing her image – Actress-turned-activists Alyssa Milano showed up in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes and demanded (in a series of live-streamed videos) to be allowed to inspect (and presumably film) inside Homestead, a privately-run border detention facility in Florida.

When she was denied entry, she sneered that pre-scheduling a visit would defeat the purpose of a surprise inspection. Well, yes, that’s true. But what right does she have to demand a surprise inspection? She’s not an elected official with any responsibility for the care of illegal aliens who, in this case, are minors aged 13 to 17. I’m wondering about the legal ramifications to the facility of allowing these kids to be filmed for social media. Didja think about that, Ms. Self-Importance?

I also didn’t see any mention of her having brought anything for the kids she was so sure are being held in dire circumstances. If she’s rich enough to tootle around in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, I’m thinking she could’ve afforded to bring a few cases of toiletries or travel pillows or clean t-shirts or books. You know, just something that suggested she actually cares more about those kids than she does about promoting herself as a Leading Social Justice Warrior.

DESMOND’S MOM: [13:11]Wendylou Napoles posted on social media that she found it “disturbing” to read what convicted pedophile, Thomas Victor O’Carroll, had blogged about her 11-year-old son, who performs in drag at gay bars and other venues. Here is an excerpt from O’Carroll’s blog:

“Let’s face it, when a pretty young boy tells the world he is gay and dances sensuously in front of grown men, wearing vampish dresses and makeup; when ‘she’ strips off items of clothing or goes on stage scantily clad right from the off; when dollar bills are accepted as ‘tips’ from an audience apparently wild with excitement; when all this is going on we are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent. … It says, loud and proud, ‘I am a sexy kid, with sexy feelings. It’s totally cool for grown-ups to get turned on by me. I love it. That’s why I do this stuff. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s me!’”

Well duh. Many people who aren’t perverts have said the same thing. Personally, I would draw the line at describing Desmond as a “precocious performance talent.” In my opinion, there’s nothing appealing about him at all. He’s not particularly good looking and he’s far from being either articulate or graceful.

In fact, the ONLY reason I can imagine anyone being interested in watching him is that they are getting aroused by it. It makes me sick.

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PRO-LIFE WOMEN: Deanna Falchook – “I saw pro-life women as misinformed ultra-conservatives who groveled at the feet of their husbands and couldn’t think for themselves. Until I met some. …

Pro-life women love profoundly and are intensely passionate about all women—especially those who need to be healed from abortion. …

“They are more powerful than all of the armies of pro-choice marches because they carry the weapons of truth: abortion does not empower women. ”

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