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Spurgeon Holiness

SOCIALISM: Hell to the noFox & Friends host John Voigt and Moms for America to talk about how important it is to fight creeping Socialism in America. [10:50]

1994-2019 Discouraged Workers

TRUMP ECONOMY: “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was one of the most comprehensive tax overhauls ever enacted,” Bruce Thompson writes in the Washington Examiner.

“Yet as far as the media is concerned, the bill only slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy . . . This characterization of the bill is false and misleading, yet it is an assertion endlessly reported by reporters and pundits in the national media, as well as Democrats.”

Wall v babies

BORDER: Pelosi backs down on restricting immigration enforcement – After the Senate rejected the Leftist House’s “poison pill” bill, a coalition of moderate Democrats and Republicans approved the Senate’s original bill late Thursday. The vote was 305-102, which demonstrates how little support the far left actually has in the House.


POLITICIZED BANKING: Bank of America has announced that they will no longer provide banking services to companies that run migrant detention centers.

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: This is one of his best pieces evah – He exposes the fakery of AOC’s latest social media stunt and mocks it hysterically. Oh, the humanity! LOLOL [3:56]


CENSUS: The Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Census could legally ask a question about a respondent’s citizenship, but the Court also said that the Commerce Department’s justification for adding the question was not reasonable and required further review.

In response, President Trump has called for a delay of the 2020 Census to give the Trump administration adequate time to answer the concerns addressed by the Supreme Court.

SJW BOARD BOOKS: Indoctrination starts in the nursery [6:40] – These are kinda funny in an “I can’t believe anyone spent money printing and marketing these” way.

“M is for Marching. M is for May Day.” Seriously? May Day parades are about celebrating Socialism and Communism, for pity’s sake! Yuck.

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