2020: The Second Debate

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THE SECOND DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Roughly 95 percent of Americans did not watch it.

HANNITY: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz reacts to the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate on ‘Hannity.’ [8:26]

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QUICK CLIPS: Just the “best” moments [4:39]My takeaway was contrasting Bernie’s “Trump is a pathological liar” with the candidates lying just about every time they opened their pie holes.

SOCIALISM: Fox News [7:01]Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary, says the party’s lurch to the far-left will be a real problem for the Democratic presidential nominee once the primary season ends.

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MEDICARE FOR ALL: Steven Law writes in Fox News “Why do government-run health care systems—including so-called single-payer schemes like Medicare-for-All—result in long waits for needed care? Because unlike the private sector, government has zero incentive to customize care to individual needs. It achieves efficiencies primarily by doling out one-size-fits-all health care to everyone, regardless of unique circumstances.”

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TUCKER: Candidates won’t rule out gun confiscation [2:09]Victor Davis Hanson makes some good points.

I used to be in favor of gun control. Then I watched Larry Elders 2004 documentary, Michael & Me. In just 90 minutes, I did a 180 on the issue.

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BIDEN: It looks like the power behind the Democrat’s throne has decided to sink Creepy Joe The New York Times, ABC News and others are running major stories on Biden & Son’s sniffy dealings with China and Ukraine. They’re even using the front pages of their websites and newspapers to cover the allegations.

And one of Biden’s top fundraisers has announced he will no longer raise money for the campaign.


KAMALA: Harris claimed she was a student in “only the second class to integrate at Berkeley public schools” The 1963 Berkeley year book (linked below) shows this isn’t even close to true. Not only were both students and faculty integrated in Berkeley before she was even born (1964), but black kids were competing successfully in every area.

DNC BLOCKS REPORTERS: No “open borders” here [6:33] – This is especially interesting given that the source, Status Coup, is a progressive independent news crew.

Elaborate fencing and a platoon of security guards made it impossible for them to question candidate supporters standing outside at the debate venue.

The guards said they were under orders from the DNC to keep journalists away from the supporters.

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