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FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Wednesday, June 26 at the kiddie table. – Whatfinger says, “Watch the first 10 minutes and you’ll get it 100%.  America is in trouble if any of them win.” [2:35:59]

Dilbert Democrat platform

DEMOCRATS ON TRUMP ECONOMY: Each of the ten candidates discussed, in vague terms, why and how the best economy since forever is somehow failing Americans.

As if any of them care about ordinary Americans. According to 88% of us, the economy is “fair,” “good,” or “excellent.” [Gallup]

Debate boring

FIRST DEBATE WINNER: Donald J. Trump – Author, reporter and NBC News analyst Jonathan Allen named President Trump as the clear winner of the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate because the candidates “seemed more focused on positioning themselves furthest to the left to win over primary voters, rather than appealing to the swing voters that decided the 2016 election.”

MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL MIDGETS FOR PRESIDENT: In case you were worried that men who identify as women might not be able to get the babies they can never conceived sucked out of the uteri they can never have, worry no more! A vote for Julian Castro is a vote for “reproductive justice.”

“No moment of the debate told us as much about the state of the modern Democratic Party as the candidates’ discussion on abortion. None of the presidential hopefuls on the stage were willing to support any limitations on abortion at all. All demanded abortion for everyone, at every stage, for any reason, for free. Indeed, it became a competition to see who could be the most passionate and extreme in their advocacy for killing babies.” – Matt Walsh

MAJOR TAKEAWAY: There are NO moderates in this race.

WARREN: “She would drop her private insurance” – Wait, wut? Doesn’t she have Obamacare?!

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