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The Kiddy Table Debate

Dems will get Trump 4 more years

Some seriously funny sarcasm about the first debate by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Mag (excerpts):

On a sweltering night in Miami’s Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, a 90-year-old building slightly older than Joe Biden, 9 candidates with no shot at anything and the tenth, the first fake Native American candidate, gathered to humiliate and be humiliated on national television.

On a set designed to look like a cardboard cutout White House, 10 cardboard cutouts of candidates, hoping to sit in the real White House, frantically searched for their 15 seconds of fame, while ignoring moderator questions and going over time.

All the millionaire candidates agreed that the economy wasn’t working for ordinary Americans like the ones they see on TV. … Continue reading

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Dem Debates by Stilton Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

CRIVENS: Attorney General Bill Barr surprised everyone by helping the New York Police Department Emerald Society Pipe and Drums Band open the US Attorneys National Conference.

I saw a photo of him with bagpipes, but I thought it was a photoshop! 🙂

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