JUDGE J: Grab the popcorn – The Democrat primaries promise to be a fun ride. [7:12]

BERNIE: OAN “Final Thoughts” – Sanders claims Socialism is democratic. It’s not. [2:19]

Biden Hillary polls by Branco

BIDEN: Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden promised Saturday that on “Day One” of a Biden presidency he would repeal President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts and close $500 billion on tax loopholes.

Wait, wut? I’m pretty sure that unilaterally repealing laws is NOT among the powers granted to the Executive branch of our government. Right? I mean, did I miss something or does this guy who has been legislating for decades and served as a Vice President for eight years not actually KNOW this?

EVERY DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE FAVORS THIS: The Equality Act would elevate LGBTQ to special status – This would require all sports teams to allow male athletes who “identify as female” to compete with women, which would be catastrophic for female sports. [8:11]

2020 de Blasio

De BLASIO: Most of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates were in South Carolina last weekend for events surrounding the state’s Dem Party convention.

The candidates are having their own separate events; 15 people showed up to Bill de Blasio’s.

One national political reporter said, “de Blasio is not running a campaign. He is just showing up to events.” … while he totally ignores those 8.6 million people who elected him mayor!”

swalwell fake high horse

SWALWELL: As some tweeters pointed out, Eric’s ridiculous tweets is racist. Legal Hispanics have nothing to fear from ICE or Border Patrol or Donald J. Trump. The issue is not about race, but about protecting children who enter the country illegally, a good percentage of whom are being trafficked across the border by non-relatives.

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