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MASCOTS: June 22, 2019 Text from Mama Buzz – Bootz keeps crying, “I’m hungry!  I want food!”  I offer all kinds of suggestions and he just looks at me with tears running down his face. “I want cookies in my mouth.”

TISSUE ALERT: Wesley was out kayaking in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Belize when he noticed something wagging its tail near a fishing shack on a deserted island. Watch how destiny brought this guy and a starving puppy together and the long journey they have to take to both get home. [5:45]

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DOG OWNERS: Hot pavement can literally burn a dog’s paws right down to the muscle. – The dog in the photo had walked a mile on blistering hot pavement without limping or anything. The owner had no idea he was getting burned until he saw bloody paw prints!

Some animals will hop around and let you know their feet hurt. But some may not be aware of it because they’re too excited about being outside. Or they may hide their pain in an effort to please their owners or to not appear weak.

BORDER: Sigh. He keeps trying. – I’m not holding my breath. Based on their past intransigence, Pelosi-Schumer Democrats will refuse to do squat, then blame it on Trump. Again. It makes me so angry every time I heard another one of these twits call him a dictator.

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BORDER: House Democrats on Friday unveiled a $4.5 billion bill to address the immigration crisis along America’s southern border. — Their bill, however, is much different than the legislation the Senate passed earlier this week.

“We’re going to run out of money in July because the numbers are just so high,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said on Friday. “This is not about gamesmanship. This is not about politics. This is not about immigration policy. This is a humanitarian relief package. And it has got to pass. It’s got to pass immediately. We are out of money and we are out of capacity.”

House Democrats took out funding for more border wall, while demanding the majority of the emergency funding go to “legal assistance, food, water, and medical services, support services for unaccompanied children, alternatives to detention, and refugee services.”

Even worse, according to multiple Republican sources, Democrats are busy adding riders to the bill to protect illegal aliens and nullify federal immigration law.

In short, Democrats are okay with spending American taxpayers’ money to alleviate the crowding they complain about … in exchange for further undermining our existing laws AND doing NOTHING to stem the tide!

If you’re in a leaky boat, shouldn’t you focus on patching the leaks and bailing out the water? What they’re talking about is equivalent to making the holes in the hull bigger while making sure the water that’s flooding in is nice and warm.

They really do want America to sink, don’t they?

BORDER: Lost Angeles County is spending American taxpayers’ money on an ad campaign to inform illegals about how to evade ICEIn the event you have an immigration emergency this weekend, you do have rights: Right to not open your door. Right to remain silent. Right not to sign papers. Right to talk to an attorney.

Meanwhile, California is NOT spending money on veterans. Reading this story is guaranteed to raise your BP into the “stroke” zone.

BORDER: Tucker Carlson –There’s a new high official in government this week. He’s in charge of controlling migration into his country, and he’s made a lot of promises. Almost 400,000 people have entered his country, just in the past three months. To fix this problem, he says he plans to deport 2,500 people every single day. He says he’s block all illegal crossings over the rivers on his country’s southern border. He points out that illegal migrants routinely get better treatment than the poor people of his own country. And when he’s attacked for saying all this, he has a simple response: His nation is like a home, and his job is to preserve that home’s well-being for the people who live there. If activists are so upset about deporting illegal migrants, why don’t they accept fifty of them to crash indefinitely in their own homes? So, who is this? … The new head of the National Institute for Migration … in MEXICO.

AOC: Survivors of actual concentration camp(s) have a message – “You are insulting every victim of the Holocaust. … We have no concentration camps here.” [2:57]

DUMB AND DUMBER: It is staggering how much dishonesty and stupidity AOC and Oman can squeeze into brief commentsImmigration law requires detention of illegals. The courts require temporary family separations. Democrats flatly refuse to apply themselves to fixing the immigration laws and/or vote for adequate funding for ICE can do what it must.

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NEW YORK: My governor is such a JERK – In the dead of night, Governor Cuomo legalized giving valid New York driver’s licenses to illegals!

A recent poll found 61% of New Yorker oppose giving driver’s licenses to non-citizens. Democrats really hate America.

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