ObamaGate: NG Pipeline through Turkey

The following timeline is my distillation of a detailed article at Quod Verum by Rex. The article goes on a lot of tangents about other stuff Obama did that strengthens his (Rex’s) thesis, including how George Papadopoulos ties the whole scenario with SpyGate.

I have no idea how much of this is true or verifiable. But knowing what I already know about the players, it all sounds plausible. I left out all the “other stuff” and “PapaD” stuff to simplify the underlying timeline. I also included some links to supplemental reading I found.

Obama mullah

In early 2016, Iran and Russia were competing to pipe their natural gas (NG) through Turkey to the lucrative EU market. Then-President Obama and his former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential wannabe, Hillary Clinton, both supported Iran’s plan.

  • Obama supported Iran as part of his foreign policy objective of helping Iran become a regional superpower.
  • Iran has long been regarded as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and one of the greatest enemies of America, Israel, and Sunni Muslims.
  • Selling NG to EU would have made the Shia mullahs ruling Iran a fortune to use against their enemies.
  • Allowing Iran to build a pipeline would have violated U.S. sanctions.
  • In January 2016, without Congressional approval or oversight, Obama signed an EO to lift those sanctions.
  • Clinton stood to gain financially because Interpipe, a major supplier to Iran’s energy sector (including NG), was owned by Ukrainian billionaire and Clinton Foundation board member, Victor Pinchuk.

failed coup

By late June 2016, everyone knew that Turkey’s Sunni Muslim President Erdogan was going to favor the Russian pipeline project. Both projects needed to run their proposed pipelines through Turkey. Besides the Sunnis and Shias hating each other, Turkey already imported 60% of its entire NG supply from Russia.

  • On July 15, 2016, a coup attempted to remove Erdogan’s government. It took everyone by surprise. But after the initial shock, it became clear that the planners had badly miscalculated their support. Within six hours, it was over.
  • Many nations condemned the coup within the first two hours. However, the Obama White House was silent until it was clear that the coup was a dismal failure.
  • When the dust settled, Erdogan accused the United States of engineering the coup. Erdogan sent evidence to Obama, that he claimed proved it.
  • Obama denied the allegation. He argued the evidence Turkey had sent over – which no one has ever seen – had nothing to do with the coup.
  • President Erdogan was furious. He ordered his military forces to surround and blockade the critical US air force and military base at Incirlik, used by the US to store tactical nuclear weapons.
  • Turkish authorities then cut off electricity to Incirlik, after it emerged that the base’s commander was linked to the coup plotters.

As Obama dithered, the situation deteriorated fast. By July 20, 2016, over 45,000 military officials, police officers, judges, governors and civil servants were arrested or suspended by the Erdogan regime, including many military officers who were vital to US counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East.

  • All of a sudden, the Obama administration was supporting Erdogan at every turn and his lapdog press switched from “Erdogan the autocrat” to “Erdogan the legitimate Turkish leader.”

Putin Erdogan

It was too little too late. On October 10, 2016, Erdogan signed his natural gas pipeline deal with Putin.

Erdogan still accuses the United States – in particular Obama and the CIA – of having been behind the attempted coup.

Few people are aware of this, but in April, 2017, Turkish prosecutors opened an investigation which is still on-going. Among the seventeen people accused of fomenting the failed coup:

  • John Brennan, then Director of the CIA,
  • Senator Chuck Schumer,
  • Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York; and
  • David Cohen, who at the time of the coup was Brennan’s CIA deputy director.

In 2016, many scoffed at Erdogan’s suggestion that America would ever involve itself in a coup against a NATO ally’s government. And maybe they’re tight.

Perhaps President Erdogan isn’t being truthful. Perhaps it was just a home grown coup. And maybe the aligned anti-Erdogan interests of then-President Obama, greedy guts Hillary Clinton, their Democrat henchmen, and Iran’s mullahs was all just a coincidence.

And maybe the Tooth Fairy is real.


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