TRUMP CAMPAIGN KICK OFF RALLY: Supporters of President Donald Trump started lining up at 2:30 a.m. on Monday for his 8 p.m. Tuesday rally.

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BIDEN: Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed concern about income inequality to a group of donors who had paid $2,800 each to attend.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who headed the Justice Department during the final two years of the Obama-Biden administration, is a current partner at the law firm that sponsored the event.

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BIDEN: G.I. Joe – At the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C., MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked Biden: “How would you get past either a majority Republican Senate in which Mitch McConnell was determined to kill all of these ideas or even a Mitch McConnell in the minority who repeated the consistent filibustering when you were vice president and anything that came from the Obama-Biden administration Mitch McConnell considered dead on arrival?”

Biden responded, “Joy, I know you’re one of the ones who thinks it’s naive to think we have to work together. The fact of the matter is if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive. There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight,” Biden continued, later adding: “Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.”

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BIDEN: From Stilton – Joe Biden continues to lead the pack (well, by now it’s a herd) of Democrat presidential candidates, and he’s just made it abundantly clear what it is that makes him different from all the others: his bloodlust and willingness to implement a “final solution” to handle those on the Right.

Biden’s declaration of war was made during an address to the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign (no, seriously) following a question about what he would do as president if those darned Republicans obstructed his agenda like they did when Obama had a super-majority. Yes, yes – we know that the Republicans weren’t able to obstruct anything, but just try telling that to a Democrat.

At any rate, Battlin’ Biden said when it comes to congressional Republican resistance, “there are certain things that take a brass knuckle fight,” later snarling “Let’s start a real physical revolution if that’s what you’re talking about!” And he probably would have capped off the remark with a throat-ripping Howard Dean-style berserker scream were it not for the likelihood that the shock might kill a number of geriatrics in the audience. Or at the very least, cause blowouts in their Depends.

It’s hard for us to picture exactly what a Joe Biden revolution would look like, but we’re pretty sure that hand-to-hand combat would be replaced with “hands-to-inappropriately-personal-areas” combat, and that members of the Biden infantry would stand on the balconies of their mansions shooting shotgun blasts into the air.

It’s a terrifying picture, and we can only pray that the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign will ignore Biden’s calls for violence. And change their ridiculous freaking name.


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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the Burgess Owens testimony.

    “If you know history and are still a #Democrat, you are complicit.”

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