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God love being your dad

POWERFUL MESSAGE: “When things aren’t good, God still is.”

thank God

THANK GOD! A few days ago 17-year-old Macy Smith missed her curfew and her mom was very worried. Catrina, her mother, finally located Macy by using the Find My Friends tracking app on their phones. That was a great idea. Macy’s car had hydroplaned, flipped and rolled, and was lying down an embankment when her mom found her. Macy’s arm was pinned under the car and she had been there for 7 hours before being rescued. The teenager couldn’t reach her phone while she was trapped, but she was able to grab another lifeline. She said, “I held on to my bible and prayed harder than I had ever prayed before…It’s just truly a miracle and I give it all to God.”

TRUMP HEIGHTS: An Israeli village showed their appreciation for the U.S. president who moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. The village, now named Trump Heights, is just 7.5 miles from Syria and is in a contested frontier zone. This is the first Israeli village named after a current U.S. president since Harry Truman in 1949.

Trump investigates Mueller

MUELLER: Scary history “Robert Mueller’s troublesome, unethical, and corrupt FBI career prior to his appointment as the special counsel on the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation deserves a serious vetting.” Click to read.

JW Kerner

WATCHDOG MY AUNT FANNY: Special Counsel Henry Kerner wants President Trump to fire top adviser Kellyanne Conway for allegedly violating the Hatch Act. Kerner said in an interview Thursday with Fox News that he has “no animus” toward her while defending his team’s work. The White House showed no sign of taking action against Conway, firing back by calling the report “unprecedented” and suggesting it was politically influenced. Ya think?

TDS: Heads up, Lefties – While it’s true that you have managed to intimidate a lot of us into hiding our MAGA hats in our closets, it is also true that this is just making us more determined than ever to vote for Trump in 2020. I’ve seen people online say they’ll crawl across broken glass to get to the polls if they have to.

OBAMA craving a cigarette

OBAMA: Political commentator and author Wayne Allen Root was a guest of former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka on his “America First” podcast last week. The two discussed Root’s days attending Columbia University in New York in the early 1980s where Barack Obama was allegedly also a student. Root said they were in the same class of abt 700, even had the same major, so should have been in the same classes. “I knew everybody, and I never met anyone named Barack Obama. Never saw anyone, never heard of him.


ACOSTA: Bwahahaha!! – Anti-Trump hack and über whiner, Jim Acosta, launched his new book on June 11th. It’s the #33 on Amazon’s New Releases list. Other books (release dates) that are out-selling Acosta’s new release include two conservative political tomes that were published earlier than his, one about juicing, and two that haven’t even been released yet!

Number 1: Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin (May 21, 2019),

Number 5: Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time (May 21, 2019),

Number 10: The Conservative Sensibility by George F. Will (June 4, 2019),

Number 12: Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls by Dav Pilkey (August 13, 2019),

Number 15: Dog Man: Fetch-22 by Dav Pilkey (December 10, 2019).


DISINVITED: Whatever happened to “the best person for the job”? – Rep. Will Hurd, R-TX, is a former undercover CIA officer with an impressive background in cybersecurity. But he was disinvited from a cybersecurity conference in San Francisco because he voted to protect unborn children from late-term abortions.

TEEN VOGUE: Continuing in its efforts to make teens fit for Hell – Last month, this vile rag published details for how a teen can obtain an abortion without her parents knowing about it. This month, they’re pimping prostitution as a career choice.

TUCKER: SJWs want this professor fired for saying stuff like this “Calling an illegal immigrant an ‘undocumented alien’ is like calling a drug dealer an ‘undocumented pharmacist.’”

He says he respects everyone’s opinion. Not me. I respect the right of others to have and express theirs opinions, but there are some opinions I do not and will not ever respect.

COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET: Not Alone “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

kkk warning

OY VEY: This really happenedThis ominous email was sent out to students at the University of Indiana by a resident assistant.


CONSERVATIONISTS: More than 600 scuba divers set a new world record by scooping up trash from the ocean floor on Saturday. They collected 1,600 pounds of lead fishing weights alone.

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  1. Trump Heights: Current population ~10. Can’t tell if Bibi is making a brave and forward-looking statement by this, or just trolling Trump for fun. 😉

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  2. Part of a comment from A♠ this morning (tastefully edit_d):

    FBI f____d up in a court filing and inadvertently revealed their posting ID on one of the chans. They’ve been posting conspiracy s__t blaming stuff on Russia and Israel, putting in for warrants due to ‘threats’ they posted themselves, and assorted misbehavior.

    Page 29.

    There is also some question about their involvement in distributing shooter manifestos.

    The link is to a PDF. I looked at page 29, but wasn’t sure where or how this revealed their ID. Perhaps you’ll run across something about this in your news pursuits.