My thyroid is healed!

I don’t know about that 90-day thing in the title of Dr. Wentz’s book. My journey was closer to 22 months.

I started the Wentz protocol in May 2017. Then, in March 2019, I got super jittery and couldn’t sleep, so stopped my thyroxine. My doctor and I decided to wait a full three months to see how I was feeling without it and let my blood get to where it would give the most accurate results. I got the results back yesterday; my thyroid levels are all NORMAL!

In the interim, I have tweaked the supplement plan based on more reading. I joined Consumer Lab (well worth the cost), plus Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean and some articles by Morley Robbins about copper. Taking ionic liquid magnesium and copper were both noticeably helpful. I feel calmer and sleep better with the magnesium; my energy is better with the copper.

The final piece of the puzzle seems to have been two weeks on Fluconazole for chronic candidiasis. The “14-cups of coffee” jitters began pretty much the same day I finished taking that prescription.

I hope this helps someone here.

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    Yippie! Thank God!

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