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Culture of Death

22 weeks

Once you start classifying any human being as “property” rather than “person”, horrors like this naturally follow.

An NIH-funded doctor at the taxpayer-funded University of Pittsburgh has published details of the grotesque technique he has developed to harvest fresh, pristine livers from abortion victims.

First, they induced labor to force premature delivery of live, intact, 18 to 22 week fetuses, so they will have intact abdomens from which livers can be removed in a sterile manner. Continue reading

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My thyroid is healed!

I don’t know about that 90-day thing in the title of Dr. Wentz’s book. My journey was closer to 22 months.

I started the Wentz protocol in May 2017. Then, in March 2019, I got super jittery and couldn’t sleep, so stopped my thyroxine. My doctor and I decided to wait a full three months to see how I was feeling without it and let my blood get to where it would give the most accurate results. I got the results back yesterday; my thyroid levels are all NORMAL! Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

MULTIPLE TISSUE ALERT: I’ve literally got tears steaming down my face and dripping off my chin! – I just didn’t want to be the kid with cancer. So now I am the kid who plays the violin.” – 11-year-old cancer survivor [8:01]

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