POTUS: Birthday interview with Fox and Friends

President Trump praises Natalie Harp (see below), discusses Iran being implicated in assaulting oil takers in the Gulf of Oman, Nancy Pelosi accusing him of a criminal cover-up, calls to fire Kellyanne Conway, Joe Biden’s campaign and more in a wide-ranging phone call with ‘Fox & Friends. [49:58]

Natalie Harp: “I’m Living Proof — The Party of Healthcare Is Trump’s”

Published on June 12, 2019

Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden promised to cure cancer but only if elected President.

As a Millennial woman, a demographic the Democrats take for granted, I actually have cancer. And I want to know: If Joe Biden can promise to cure cancer, why didn’t he do so while Senator for 36 years or Vice President for eight? And why did medical error — which primarily impacts people with pre-existing conditions — become the third leading cause of death in the U.S. under the Obama Administration?

Growing up in a state as blue as our ocean, I’ve never cared much for politics. When I turned 18, I didn’t register to vote because I didn’t believe it would make a difference. The Democrats not only have trifecta control of California’s state legislature but also of most congressional districts and both Senate seats. So why care about local or national elections when I can get my fill of flip flops at the beach?

But then I got cancer.

On November 9, 2015 — a year to the day Donald Trump would win the presidency — a nurse mixed up my IV with the deadly substance of sterile water leaving me housebound and searching for care. Instead of studying my symptoms to diagnose my condition, my Democrat-controlled state and country offered me opioids, barbiturates, medical marijuana, disability, Do-Not-Resuscitate orders, and yes, Death With Dignity. Before one appointment, I was even instructed in the voluntary stopping of eating and drinking (VSED).

According to the Democrats, healthcare is a right. But a right to what — all of the above? No, thank you.

Donald Trump would change a letter of that. Healthcare is a fight:

“America has always been a nation of fighters who never give up. Right? We never give up, ever.”

That’s the spirit we need in the healthcare system when the odds are stacked against us. Not more options of how to die or drug ourselves but more opportunities to live. This is what Donald Trump is delivering—and I am a beneficiary.

When I failed the two available chemotherapies for my rare disease and was denied from clinical trials, my oncologist said I would have to suffer through the symptoms for several more months on a failed chemotherapy while awaiting a new round of FDA-approvals for the clinical trial drugs to which I was denied access.

Donald Trump had another option ready: Right to Try. While some may argue that this legislation has not benefited the terminally ill or was repetitive to existing law, I beg to differ. My oncologist didn’t tell me I had other options. Donald Trump did. So I found another oncologist who was willing to try a different approach—an FDA-approved immunotherapy drug for an unapproved use. Now my numbers are stabilizing and so is my pain.

So I ask you: Who has delivered more for people with pre-existing conditions? Joe Biden in over four decades or Donald Trump in just over two years?

When a nation invests not in resources to end life but to save it, patients like me will know pain is worth the fight — to rally to cure childhood cancer, end the opioid epidemic, and make every option available to the terminally ill.

We can lower costs of prescription drugs and healthcare plans. Continue to hold doctors accountable in the VA. Introduce more effective patient safety measures and end the healthcare system’s “catch and release” policy for those who continue to practice medicine across state lines after killing or injuring in others.

But above all, every time a treatment stops working, America must fight to have another option available for the sick and vulnerable. Because we do not believe in survival of the fittest — but in survival of the fighters.

Come on, Joe, you’re not God. So stop making wild promises about curing cancer and show us how you’re going to treat it. If you don’t, you will not only lose your run for President in 2020 but solidify the party of healthcare as Trump’s.

I’m living proof.



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