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SPYGATEThe Justice Department has expanded its probe into abuses of the FISA court and surveillance authorities. Legal experts predict convictions at the end of the process.

JOHN DEAN’S TESTIMONY: Pelosi’s House is such a useless joke.

  1. House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins sounds off after Democrats bring in Watergate figure John Dean to testify on the Mueller probe. Democrats can’t run against the Trump Economy and they refuse to do Thing One about fixing immigration. [4:41]
  2. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says House Democrats’ contempt push against Attorney General William Barr is preventing Congress from addressing the many problems Americans elected them to solve. [6:33]


BORDER: 350 migrants from the Congo have made their way into Texas – The Congo is in the midst of a major, uncontrolled outbreak of EBOLA.

The outbreak has now been going on for around 10 months and is getting worse week-by-week. There have been nearly 3,000 reported cases so far. Of these, 1,346 have died.

WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme executive director, Dr Mike Ryan, says he believes they are only detecting about 75% of the cases.

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LEFTIST TEARS: I’m guessing MSNBC won’t be reporting on this.

SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP: A whistle-blowing Pinterest employee has provided Project Veritas with documents showing that Pinterest has been actively blocking conservative content – e.g., Pro-life, Christian, Bible – by adding them to its internal porn, offensive terms, and dangerous conspiracies lists.  [19:39]


LEFT WING DEGRADATION: You want proof that sex with children harms them? Let’s you and me go have a chat with my shrink, m’kay?


MORE DEGRADATION: The Democrat leaders of New York State want to be the first state to decriminalize prostitution, which is called “sex work” by its defenders.

ABORTION: According to my “esteemed” senator, the thousands of years of consistent moral teaching we’ve received from God on this issue has become obsolete and must not be tolerated.

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EUTHANASIA: Despite a concerted effort by euthanasia advocates, the American Medical Association has voted to retain its long-standing opposition to assisted suicide.

The vote is notable because the AMA is one of the largest medial organizations in the country, and medical societies are influential when it comes to legislators making policy decisions and in shaping public opinion.

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VATICAN CONDEMNS GENDER THEORY: A new document, Male and Female He Created Them, reaffirms the principles of human dignity, difference, and complementarity.

In all such [gender] theories, from the most moderate to the most radical, there is agreement that one’s gender ends up being viewed as more important than being of male or female sex.

The effect of this move is chiefly to create a cultural and ideological revolution driven by relativism, and secondarily a juridical revolution, since such beliefs claim specific rights for the individual and across society.”

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