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2019_04 27 Shadow people by Terrell

TRUMP ECONOMY: April Labor Department report – Hirings increased to 5.9 million, the highest level since the Labor Department started keeping track. This came as total job openings exceeded workers classified as unemployed by 1.63 million.

Trump’s immigration proposal to put skills ahead of family connections makes a whole lot of sense given that we have far more job openings than people to fill them.

FOX NEWS: Tariffs work!All the pundits got it wrong. The president’s decision to threaten tariffs on Mexico got concrete results. [8:49]

We build the Wall June 9 2019

WE THE PEOPLE BUILD THE WALL: Walls work – One gap is closed. It’s time to move on to the next We Build the Wall project. Target: Sunland Park, New Mexico, which is under siege from the Juarez cartel. Below is a video shot this week of armed cartel members bringing groups around the end of Trump’s wall.

RAPID DNA: The Border Patrol is now using this technology to screen alleged family groups presenting themselves for asylum. In the first few days of the new program, 24 people were exposed fraudulently claiming to be parents of a child they were crossing with.

DNA testing is a simple, unobtrusive, and inexpensive tool that makes it more difficult for criminals to exploit vulnerable children, removing a major incentive for human traffickers. We ought to implement it across the entire border, and do so as quickly as possible. In an area of public policy fraught with controversy and polarization, this should be a rare no-brainer.” – Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer


ThinkProgress FAILING: The website is a project of the Democratic Party’s primary think tank – It is expecting a roughly $3 million gulf between revenue and expenses for 2019. ThinkProgress has never been a revenue generator, and has often made up for its deficits through fundraising efforts and funds from its mothership entity, the Center for American Progress (CAP). But the current outlook is significantly worse than ever before.

dems suck

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT PERVERT: Anti-Trump leftist journalist Peter Bright has been arrested by the FBI for soliciting child sex online from a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old. According to a federal complaint, Bright boasted to an undercover agent that he has already been sexually abusing a child.

in God we trust

SCOTUS: Show me the mottoThe Supreme Court rejected an atheist’s case to remove “In God We Trust” from all coins and currency from the Department of Treasury.

The Bakersfield California City Council has approved a proposal to add “In God We Trust” decals to both police and fire vehicles. A non-profit organization, In God We Trust America, has offered to pay for the decals.

BISHOP BARRON ANSWERS: Questioners were limited to non-Catholics [35:40]

  • As a Christian, do you ever think, “What if God doesn’t exist”?

  • How are Adam and Eve guilty of disobedience if they had no knowledge of good/evil until after they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

  • Why did the disciples betray Jesus despite seeing miracles?

  • Why is God almost exclusively referred to as a masculine entity in the Catholic Church?

  • How do I understand Mary’s importance in the Catholic faith? Is it essential?

  • How can we trust the Bible, when evidence shows the Old Testament isn’t true?

  • Did John Henry Newman have any disagreements with the Catholic Church before his conversion?

PRAGER U: Who Does the Media Most Want to Silence? [5:43] – In the mainstream media, women on the left are almost always portrayed as paragons of compassion and virtue. But when it comes to conservative women, it’s a different story. Why is this? Heather Higgins, chairman of Independent Women’s Forum and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, explains the reasons behind the double standard.

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