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2020 problems by Ramirez

BIDEN: Too middle ground – Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made one thing clear this past weekend at the California Democratic Party state convention: So-called middle ground candidates like Joe Biden aren’t progressive enough and are too willing to play nice with Republicans.

Noah Rothman (Commentary Magazine) offers a much more important reason to keep Joe Biden out of the White House:

“There may be no greater incongruity in American politics than that between the unilateral powers vested in the president on matters related to foreign affairs and how little the electorate cares about foreign affairs. Absent an acute crisis, events on the world stage just aren’t foremost on American minds. Joe Biden’s ascension to the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination would alter that equation, in part because he spent over a decade as the ranking member and then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But Biden’s efforts to favorably contrast himself with the Trump administration on foreign policy will be complicated by his record of astoundingly bad judgment.”

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GILLIBRAND: The NRA responded to Gillibrand’s attack by posting a letter she wrote to them in 2008. In 2009, she bragged about her 100% A rating from the NRA and said she kept two guns under her bed. In 2018, she said she is now embarrassed by her previous views on gun rights.

MOULTON: Don’t ask me. I never heard of him either. – He’s no different than the rest. And he’s polling at less than 1%. [:59]

SWALWELL: He’s a pathetic loser – But hey, he can change a diaper!  So clearly, he should be POTUS! Right?! Right?!

BUTTIGIEG: He’s real sorry about being a white male, which is more than can be said for Bernie “If you write a best seller, you can be a millionaire too” Sanders.

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