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PRAYER: On Sunday, President Trump made a surprise visit to McLean Bible Church outside the nation’s capital, following the tragic shooting in Virginia Beach last Friday. He did not make any remarks. Video is the beautiful prayer the pastor and congregation did over him. Pray along! He needs all the help he can get.

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WE BUILD THE WALL: Border Patrol officials say the half mile project, which will connect two existing border walls, will cut off 19 different foot trails through which cartels have been bringing $100,000 to $200,000 in drugs each day.

Project foreman Mike said, “When I got here 17 days ago there were 450 people a night crossing.  When equipment started arriving it went to 300.   When manpower started working we went down to 200.  When we started placing the bollards it went from 70 to 30 to 0.  We’ve had no crossings in the last 8 days.”

Then Mike added that dealing with the cartels is “extremely dangerous. They got within 15 feet of the excavators last night. They’re coming down and trying to probe against the new wall… We have approximately 15 guards on post, armed security individuals.”

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IMMIGRATION: Contrary to what the Left would have you believe, the United States is very open to LEGAL immigrants.

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TRADE: Level the playing field – The Trump administration is ending our special trade status for India and Turkey that has allowed them to be exempted from billions of dollars in US tariffs. One of the requirements for special trade status is that the country “provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets.” Trump says they aren’t doing that.

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MUELLER: Prosecutors and pundits alike are saying that Robert Mueller shredded this rule at his May 29 press conference

Rule 3.8(f) of the American Bar Association’s rules of professional conduct states: “The prosecutor in a criminal case shall … refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused.”

JBOB: Go here and read about a fun little neighborhood project. (It’s short and amusing.)

SID ROTH: The New Age is a demonic deception designed to lead people away from Jesus [23:00] – This guest’s story about going out of his body and having to fight a demon to get back in is familiar to me. I knew someone who had that happen. It scared her straight out of the whole New Age thing and back into the true church of Jesus Christ.

MEDIA BIAS: The “video is restricted” thing is just the first bit of the video – It plays fine.  Prager U 5 minute episode about how George Orwell’s fictionalized world where Big Brother reigns supreme is no longer a figment of the imagination.

PARENTING Mother noun

PARENTING This could be Martha LOL

The kid in the vent picture cracks me up. She looks SO much like my Army Princess did at that age! And that’s exactly the kind of thing she would’ve done too. LOL


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  1. We Build the Wall – “We’ve had no crossings in the last 8 days.” There’s a bit of video showing a whole passle of invaders filing over the hill, seeing the new wall, and reversing course – that’s some Oscar-winning stuff.

    NY Post: America’s Working. This is the most remarkable administration of my life (although I admit I wasn’t paying a lot of attention for my few months under Truman). A person would have to be blind, deaf, stupid, and insane to have a problem with what’s happening. Alas, that describes some 45% of the country, although I hope that %age is going down.

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