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God foot prints

DRUM CORPS: These guys are so cool!


MIDDLE EAST: The Pentagon has announced it will deploy approximately 1,500 personnel to the Middle East, including fighter jets, reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft, a battalion of Patriot surface-to-air missile systems, and combat engineers. However, U.S. military officials have already clarified that some 600 of these personnel are already in the region and will simply be extending their tours.

The deployments are in response to still largely nebulous claims from the U.S. government that intelligence showed Iran and its proxies were preparing to launch attacks on American interests in the Middle East.


DEMOCRATS SUCK: House Democrats hoped to pass a $19 Billion spending bill with a last-minute-before-vacay, no-debate vote. But it only takes one person to object to this type of unanimous consent stunt. The lone Republican who blocked Pelosi’s stunt, Rep. Chip Roy (TX), said he had “a significant amount of support” from the House GOP conference for his NAY vote:

“We’re not elected to have things pass through consent without debate. We should have had a vigorous debate and we should have a debate about why we’re not securing the border and why we’re spending money we don’t have.”

2013 Holder wing man

HOLDER v. BARR: Now that Mueller has failed them, Democrats have turned their ire on Barr, claiming he is nothing but a partisan Trump hack who isn’t doing his job. They might want to rethink that one.

social media censorship

SOCIAL MEDIA: Censorship is backfiring – CrossFit, Inc., which boasts 15,000 affiliates and millions of followers, suspended all activity on its Facebook and Instagram accounts as of May 22, 2019, citing concerns over security, privacy, and censorship.

fetal heartbeat

ABORTION: Heartbeat bansMissouri‘s governor has signed into law a ban on abortions after unborn babies have detectable heartbeats. The Missouri health department indicates 3,903 babies were killed in abortions in the state in 2017 and 119 of those were babies killed after 20 weeks.

A federal judge has issued a strongly worded preliminary injunction blocking Mississippi’s “heartbeat” abortion law, that would have banned abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

CARDINALS: Cardinals elect the pope, usually from among their own number – Pope Francis has been pushing countries to take more Muslim immigrants. These two say otherwise.

Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah says he worries that large scale immigration is killing Western culture.

U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke says that resisting large-scale immigration is the responsible exercise of patriotism.

CAT Schrodinger's wanted

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