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trump social media bias

REMINDER: If you get blocked or suspended for stating facts on social media, report it to President Trump @ It’s an easy process. I submitted for when Facebook blocked all cross-posts from PoliNation after I wrote a blog about trans regret. It took weeks to get the block lifted.

GOOD HELPERS: Something like this happened to me for real when my clutch cable snapped just as I was waiting for a left turn gap in the two on-coming lanes of traffic.

As soon as I felt the cable go, my mind jumped to protecting the four little ones I had strapped in the car with me. I frantically got them all out and shepherded them to a solid brick building on the nearest corner.

I screamed at them to put their backs again that wall and NOT MOVE. When I was fairly sure they were terrified into paralysis, I turned to put my mind to what in the world to do about the car, only to find that a whole bunch of good folks had appeared out of cars and stores to push it into the miraculously empty parking space right on the corner I had been turning toward.

This happened in the early 90s, but it still gets me weepy to think about it.

TRUMP WANTS TO DO INFRASTRUCTURE: Democrats continue to rant, rave, and block Republicans from doing things that America needs done.

Something like 38 members of the Nixon Administration pleaded guilty to or were indicted for crimes revealed in the Watergate investigation. I wonder what the Democrat’s tally will be when all is said and done.

LOU DOBBS: “There is no case” – Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz discusses how Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that impeachment proceedings against President Trump could be used as a tool to gain information that the House of Representatives has been asking for.


CARSON: HUD Secretary Ben Carson defended his proposal to exclude all illegal immigrants from public housing. Pointing out that millions of legal citizens are placed on waiting lists for years for government-subsidized housing, he said, “It seems only logical that tax-paying American citizens should be taken care of first. It’s not that we’re cruel, mean-hearted. It’s that we are logical. This is common sense. You take care of your own first.”

Carson went on to explain that the plan allows ineligible beneficiaries up to 18 months to remain in their homes. Carson said such a timeline gives Congress “enough time” to pass comprehensive immigration reform. “If in fact you want to explain to the American citizens who have been on the wait list for several years … why we should continue to support families who are not here legally, I would be happy to join you in explaining that.

Underwood calumny

REP. LAUREN UNDERWOOD: HHS has confirmed that a migrant child died last September while in federal custody. Rep. Underwood accused immigration officials of murdering her. But here’s the real story:

  • The child was a 10-year old female with a HISTORY OF CONGENITAL HEART DEFECTS.
  • She arrived in the U.S. illegally, seriously ill, and UNACCOMPANIED.
  • Immigration transported her to a medical facility for treatment.
  • Complications following surgery left her in a comatose state.
  • She subsequently died of fever and respiratory distress.

I’d like to think her parents thought dumping her on Border Patrol was her only shot at getting the surgery she needed. And maybe it was. It didn’t work and that’s sad. But there’s nothing MALICIOUS about her death! There is, however, something malicious about accusing all the good people who tried to save the child of intentionally letting her die!


BORDER: Democrats let drunk drivers go free, provided they’re ALSO here illegally – Federal agents captured 141 illegal immigrants in just a few weeks simply by using fingerprints from local drunk driving arrests in New England, well known for ignoring crimes committed by illegals in the name of “sanctuary.” In all the cases the illegal immigrants were released into various communities after driving under the influence.

We saw a large number of people with charges dropped down. Driving under the influence is a dangerous threat regardless of what country the offender is from. It’s even more disturbing crime when it’s committed by someone who has no legal right to be in this country.” – Todd Michael Lyons, Deputy Field Director for ICE in Boston

TUCKER CARLSON: Senator Hirono ghoulishly bragged about brainwashing middle schoolers to support abortion. We need to pray for the hearts, minds, and souls of our nation’s young people.

JUDICIAL WATCH: Wins again! – The center front Asian woman in glasses is Yvette Felarca, a radical leftist member of the group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and of the Trotskyist Revolutionary Workers League. She is notorious for instigating violence and for using her personal and sick days to attend political rallies. She was also a Social Studies teacher at Martin Luther King Jr middle school until she was suspended for her violent activities.

After repeatedly punching a neo-Nazi at a rally, she was charged with felony assault, plus two misdemeanor counts of inciting and participating in a riot. She argued that punching a neo-Nazi isn’t a crime. (Except it is.)

Judicial Watch filed a California Public Records Act request “seeking public records information about Felarca’s Antifa activism and its effect within the Berkeley Unified School District.” Felarca filed suit to protect those records, but a judge just threw out her case saying, “Judicial Watch is entitled to attorney’s fees because the plaintiffs’ lawsuit was frivolous, and their litigation conduct was unreasonable.” She owes the $22,000 in legal fees incurred by Judicial Watch, and the $4,000 in litigation costs.

maddow sad

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow was briefly atop the cable news ratings last fall as she ceaselessly pushed the bogus “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative night after night after night. After the Mueller report came out, she lost half a million viewers.


PROJECT VERITAS: Wins again! – On May 22, a federal Judge threw Teter vs Veritas out for a lack of any clear and convincing evidence of malice.

head scarf

AUSTRIA: Austria has banned primary school students from wearing “ideologically or religiously influenced clothing which is associated with the covering of the head.” Austria’s official Muslim community organization has vowed to challenge the law in Austria’s constitutional court.

stormy avenatti

AVENATTI: The sleezeball lawyer who ripped off his own disabled client has been indicted on yet another charge of stealing from a client. Prosecutors in New York say he stolled nearly $300,000 from Stormy Daniels by sending a forged letter to her book agent instructing the agent to send payments to Avenatti’s bank account rather than to hers.

Chick fil A v Burger King tweets

William Shakespeare walks into a pub
In search of refreshment and levity;
He asks the bar maid for some spiked lemonade,
Having heard it increases longevity;
Then he says to the lass, “Use a very short glass,
   For the soul of wit is brevity.”

–by the bluebird of bitterness


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