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TRUMP UNVEILS HIS IMMIGRATION PLAN: President Trump outlined a series of proposals to reform the legal immigration system, including eliminating the Diversity Visa Lottery, and increasing the percentage of high-skilled immigrants from 12% to 57%.

Currently, 66% of immigrants come here on the basis of random chance, they are admitted solely because they have a relative in the United States, and it doesn’t really matter who that relative is,” Trump said. “Random selection is contrary to American values and blocks out many potential immigrants from around the world who have much to contribute.”

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TRUMP QUIETLY RESTORES NO MATCH LETTERS: Obama stopped the Social Security Administration’s practice of notifying employers when there was a mismatch between information on tax forms and the agency’s records. This helps expose identity theft.

Democrats are up in arms about Trump reinstating the practice, because it also helps expose illegals. IOW, they are once again putting the protection of non-citizens ahead of the welfare of the people they’re allegedly sworn to protect.


EQUALITY ACT: I just got an email from my rep, Tom Reed, saying it passed and he was proud to support it. I’m seriously disappointed in him for this vote. I wrote to him myself at least three times with information about the deceptiveness and dangers of the bill.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, spoke out against it: “The Democrats’ latest piece of legislation is another mirage, packaged with a deceiving title, that ultimately chips away at our religious freedoms, would jeopardize Title IX sports programs, and puts our children at risk by eliminating parental consent in life-altering medical procedures.”

The bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to characteristics—race, color, religion, sex, or national origin—protected from discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Trump has condemned it, but not promised to veto it. Hopefully, it won’t get past the Senate.


ATTACKING ALABAMA: State officials in Colorado and Maryland are telling state employees to avoid travel to Alabama since the state passed a law protecting unborn children. Additionally, Maryland’s chief financial officer wants the state to divest its retirement pension funds from Alabama businesses.

Meanwhile, House Democrats refused for the 44th time to allow a vote on providing age-appropriate care for abortion survivors.

Do we really think people like this would not hesitate to use the so-called Equality Act to persecute Christians?

Just society

ABORTION ISN’T MERCY: Please go read this in full! “It’s easy for us, the living, to say that aborting children is an act of mercy. But it’s not. It is society’s justification for the erasure of the most vulnerable. My foster brothers and sisters — people who have felt so much pain and witnessed so much horror — love life the most. They have also brought joy to others’ lives in turn; many of them are now ministers, teachers, mechanics and artists. But even for those who do not lead materially successful lives, the worth of their lives isn’t defined by what they do. Their lives are valuable, rather, because each of them has an innate worth. Life is a gift in and of itself, regardless of the circumstances into which it is born.”

border patrol rescue

BORDER PATROL: A group of immigrants from Honduras were illegally crossing the Rio Grande last Friday when the inflatable kiddie pools they were using as rafts capsized. One of the five children in the group was a 7-year-old boy who was being swept away from his mother by the current. Fortunately, the Border Patrol was watching and an agent jumped into the water to rescue him.


OPIOID EPIDEMIC: Forty-five states have filed lawsuits against Purdue Pharma, manufacturer of OxyContin – They say the company used deceptive marketing to downplay the drug’s addictive dangers and push it on vulnerable populations.

“Let me be clear, the opioid epidemic is manmade. It is built prescription by prescription by Purdue and other pharmaceutical companies. The irresponsible marketing and sales, and prescribing and distribution of opioid medications is the jet fuel in this crisis.” — Josh Sharpio, Attorney General – Pa.

No high speed rail

GOVERNMENT WASTE: The Trump administration terminated a $928 million contract with California High-Speed Rail Authority. The Federal Railroad Administration said that California abandoned the original plan of a high-speed rail service connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. The state has only about $20 billion available for the project at this time, far short of the estimated $77 billion it would take to complete it.

Reading Mueller

AND SPEAKING OF GOVERNMENT WASTE: The Mueller report has been available online for free for weeks – Democrats are SURE that anyone who thinks Trump was cleared just hasn’t read it! So they spent hours and hours taking turns reading it out loud. It was livestreamed, will be in the Congressional Record, and later … oh goodie … available as an audiobook!


CUOMO: He wants to give New York driver’s licenses to illegals “Giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is unfair to men and women who immigrated here legally and to hardworking New York taxpayers.” – Rep Tom Reed

st patrick weeps

ST. PATRICK WEEPS: The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) says on its website that post-abortive mothers are welcome to flush the remains of their murdered offspring down the toilet.

pro lifers care

PRO-LIFERS CARE: Two examples “Last year alone, we raised a quarter million dollars to support families and centers who take in moms and their babies. We get them prenatal and postnatal care, help them get started on education, jobs, whatever they need,”

“Google The Nurturing Network, Birthright, and Project Gabriel. Pro life women & men (including myself) have supported/volunteered here for decades. Also all manner of help through Catholic Charities. Get out of the liberal bubble.”

FREEDOM MARCH: Jeffrey McCall is founder of the Freedom March where courageous ex-gays and ex-transgenders from around the United States converge on the Nation’s Capital to proclaim in public the freedom they have found by having a relationship with Jesus Christ. The second annual Freedom March will occur on Saturday, May 25, in Washington, D.C.

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